It was hard for me to think of exactly how I wanted to start this new blogging journey of mine. Do I dive straight in with the stories, poems, and my other works. Do I give a few details about myself to those gracious enough to pay my blog a visit? Either would have been a decent choice, however it occurred to me that more than writing, there is only one other thing that helps me jump into the goals and tasks I set for myself.



So many of my works are inspired by and come from the various types of music and instrumentals and vocals that I hear on a daily basis. From my all-time favorite group, New Edition, to severely underrated songstresses like Shanice Wilson and Chante Moore.

I could deliver a full list of all of the artists that have inspired me, my works, and fed my soul in ways that they probably wouldn’t even understand. From something as simple as brightening my day to healing my heart and soul in my lowest moments.

I figured, there are so many songs in my playlist, so many songs that I take so many messages and lessons from to get me through my day, and most often an entire week, I should share them. In hopes of helping others to feel the way I feel. Or, even just to share great music with others who love it just as much as I do.


My very first post for #MyPenWritesNice, and my very first “Song of the Week” is about and dedicated to the beautiful and extraordinarily talented Tamar Davis.

Some of you may know her from a few Tyler Perry stage productions she starred in, others may know her from The Voice, on which she was a contestant. Some others may even know her as a young protege of his Purple Highness, Prince. Be it from her days of singing alongside Prince on songs like “Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed” or captivating television audiences with a wonderful rendition of “Chain Of Fools”, Tamar has delivered a plethora of music over the years, straight from her heart to our ears. Offering comfort, healing with a few words we may not have known we needed, and stunning vocals. A style all her own, Tamar has long been one of my favorite artists, and I am excited to share a song from her sophomore album, I Am The Storm.

The title track, and the album’s opener, “I Am The Storm”.

I Am The Storm – Tamar Davis


To keep it short; this song is my life and personal struggle as an artist summed up in a way I only WISH I could have told myself each and every time I threw in the towel before 2016 was even underway. So often I feel like quitting and giving up, feel myself reaching my breaking point when I don’t reach my ultimate goal or something just doesn’t work out the way I plan. I took my first listen to “I Am The Storm” and fell in love instantly, with every emotion I’ve ever felt playing out from the verses to the chorus. The chorus being what I hope to feel all through 2017. I am the storm, a force to be reckoned when I realize I am much bigger than everything and everyone trying to hold me back or knock me down.

I’ve fully embraced it as one of my many, personal, empowerment anthems. A pick me up to play when an obstacle places itself in my way, something to remind myself day in and day out to keep pushing for my dreams.


Take a listen, tell me what you take from it and if you enjoyed it or not. I know for certain that my taste in music differs from others (as do the messages and lessons that I take from songs), but I do have a pretty good track record with passing along music that can be enjoyed by even the most critical music fans.

I’ll return next week with a brand new Song of the Week, and hopefully I’ll be just a little better at explaining what that song makes me feel.


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