So, I am praying that I’m not the only one who foolishly slept on Janelle Monae when she first popped on to the scene. Perhaps I was (and mainly because I tend to shy away from today’s artists), but I can say happily that I am awake and here for everything that this woman does in music!

Unique, refreshing, and a clash of styles and genres that you don’t really see too many artists taking a risk on. That risk, in my opinion, not sounding like everyone else.


I can also admit that I am not the biggest of Prince fans, but come on… everyone knows at least two or three Prince songs. I know and LOVE quite a few; “Scandalous” being my absolute favorite Prince song.

And to have stumbled upon a collaboration between the two musical geniuses on Janelle’s Electric Lady album… I was stunned, and SHOOK to say the least. Shook in the best way possible.

I’m the type of music lover that enjoys when artists cross and mix genres, if that makes sense. R&B with hints of Rock, Hip-Hop with pinches of Soul, and so on. Lately, my thing has been artists of other genres including Rock influenced songs (or songs with what could be considered Rock instrumentals) on their albums. From Janet’s “Black Cat” to Ice Cube’s “Wicked”. It’s a sound you wouldn’t have readily expected from said artists, and it works for them in a way that I LOVE.

I lose my mind any time they come on.


That brings me to this week’s Song of the Week.

Givin Em What They Love – Janelle Monae feat. Prince


Like most of Janelle’s songs, it is one that can not be played just once. It’s one that can not be played at half volume. And it’s certainly one that can’t be played without doing some serious headbanging and lip-syncing.

It makes me wish I could sing, or at least yell and shout on key. It makes me wish I was a bad-ass guitarist, and that Prince had taught me himself. Full of energy, and I just know that if I had the chance to hear it live, with Prince, I would have gotten my ENTIRE life. All twenty-two or twenty-three (at the time) years of my life.

There’s not much I take from this song other than it being one of THE best collaborations and songs in the entire history of music. (This opinion of mine is not up for debate.) What I will say though is that I can’t thank Janelle and Prince enough for putting this song together, giving it their all, and giving me exactly what I love when it comes to the music I allow in my world and space.

Rest peacefully Prince, and I look forward to any and everything else Janelle has coming.


Take a listen and let me know what you think. Are you a Janelle fan? What’s your favorite song of hers? And, of course I’d love to know your ultimate Prince jam.


One thought on “SOTW #2 “Givin Em What They Love”

  1. I saw Prince and I had to check this one out. Prince has been such a huge influence in my life for a very long time now! When this song came out I was hooked. Already I loved Janelle Monae, in fact if it wasn’t for Prince I probably wouldn’t have given her a chance, as I try to stay away from a lot of these new age artists. Anyway, she’s amazing and this was an awesome collaboration. Great write up!


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