The One Who Really Loves You (by Cortney Joseph)

Held up against the wall, I watched with folded arms as my boyfriend carried on with his fans. There were the usual; the supportive ones who loved him for his music and the joy he brought to their lives. Then, there were the groupies only after his money and the chance to say they’ve had them.

He smiled in their faces the most, always giving the excuses that he had to play up to his Ladies Man image the most. That was true. And it wasn’t that I didn’t trust him to make the right choices, in regards to he and I; but if promised the right things, under the perfect amount of pressure, he’d be gullible to go for anything.


Looking in my direction, he gave a smile and I returned it with a small one of my own.

As he finished up, he said goodbye to his audience and made his slow walk towards me. “I know that look on your face, Deidre.”

Staring innocently, I held my hand to my chest. “I don’t know what you mean?”

“Your lecture about the women.” Pulling me into his arms, he planted a kiss on my lips. “There’s no one for me but you.”

“There’s no one else as good for you as I am.” I exhaled. “And I know that things happen, you don’t have to keep pretending that it’s never a real thought for you. The profession that you’re in, it’s honestly about what all I can and can’t handle, and how much I’ll accept. It’s nice to have this sudden attention from you though.”

“I try my best, Baby.”

“I know.” Stepping back, I reached into my pockets and pulled out small pieces of paper. “I just wish you’d put more of these women in check, rather than playing up to their emotions and good looks. Some respect your relationship, and others don’t care at all. Here I say I’m his woman and I get okay, tell him to call me anyway in response.” I showed him the numbers women were bold enough to slide me and he shook his head, apologizing on their behalves. That wasn’t for him to do, but… it was usually what happened when we had these discussions. “Susie just wants you to fill the cold spot in her bed until her boyfriend returns. A bit of payback for him cheating on her. Jenny wants you because she has a personal bet that she can sleep with every celeb she comes across. Minnie said she’s known we were together since you debuted, and she thinks it’ll be fun to hurt and break me by stealing you.” I chuckled. “The way that child looks, and smells, I’m far from concerned, but there are some who won’t even bother with disrespecting me to my face. Just um, watch who and what you let your Ladies Man image play up to. They’ll fill your head with anything and everything, stroking your ego until you forget that I’m even here. And then when you remember that I’m the one who loves you for who you are, for what you were before all of this; it’ll be too late. Don’t lose a good thing, even unintentionally, Baby.”

He nodded, as he always did, assuring me that all would be fine.


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4 thoughts on “The One Who Really Loves You (by Cortney Joseph)

  1. Why am I finding myself able to relate to so much of what you’re writing? Lol, still I love it and hopefully some of it will inspire me to write something again soon.


  2. You’ve read some of my work in the past. I first started following your work on Wattpad, and you read one of my stories there as well :). I’m working on some new things though, and I’ll definitely pass them along, if I can stop scraping everything lol.


    1. Loll, I know that struggle real well. That’s all I did last year. Start and toss stuff out. Tryna do better this year though. Just pace yourself and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. That’s what’s been working for me.

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