I think it’s safe to say that we all have our favorite freak/thot songs somewhere in our playlists, right?

And I’d definitely be lying if I said that a current song or two didn’t manage to catch and hold my attention. Yes, even as the eternal old soul I am, I enjoy a very select few of today’s hottest artists.


In the case of Mila J, I honestly believe that I enjoy her and her music because I kind of grew up on her. When I was a young teen, I came up during a time when the music climate was dominated heavily by the TUG camp (and all of the other poppin’ artists of the early 2000s). The TUG camp included Immature/IMx, Marques Houston when he went solo, B2K and Omarion when he went solo, TG4 (whom Sevyn Streeter was a member of), Jhene (yes, Jhene Aiko), and Dame 4 (whom Jhene’s sister Mila J was a member of before she went solo).

Quite a few of you who were young teens or young adults at that time may even remember her song “Good Looking Out” featuring Marques Houston.

In recent years, I’ve discovered she was in a group called GYRL in the 90s as well. Some of you probably know their song “Get Your Groove On” from the BAPS soundtrack. If you don’t, get into it!

Over the years, Mila has released songs, mixtapes, her debut EP/album M.I.L.A., and the heat that is 213 in 2016.


This week’s Song of the Week comes from her 2015 The Waiting Game mixtape; “Freaknic” , and it features one of my least favorite artists, Future.

Freaknic – Mila J feat. Future


If, like me, you’re not a fan of Future, I can assure that the Jodeci “Freek’n You” sample will grab you instantly! He certainly reminded me of when I saw a very drunk K-Ci and JoJo in concert and they gave what all they had left to their performance of “Freek’n You”. (That’s kind of a compliment.)

Another thing I love is that it’s unbelievably catchy and I can actually understand what Future is saying. In a current musical climate that is over-saturated with mumble rappers, singers who sing over the same beats, or make songs to keep us in feelings we wish to escape from; it’s a slightly trifling song that’s great to sing and do a couple strip teases to.


A style that is a complete departure from what her younger sister is known for, Mila’s music offers a bit of everything for those of us that like to turn up, get a lil’ ratchet, twerk or bop, and have a damn good time after we climb out of our feelings. Add sex appeal, and music that is sometimes just fun to listen to, Mila is an artist I highly suggest for anyone that hasn’t already stumbled across her.


Take a listen and tell me what you think.

Also, is Future a singer or a rapper? Fan of Mila? What are your favorite songs by her?


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