Along with them being three members of my FAVORITE group, and celebrating a fantastic week of well deserved recognition and a new album release; did anyone really think I’d miss a chance to talk about anything New Edition related?


Yes, you guessed it. This week’s Song of the Week is focused on and dedicated to the members of Bell Biv DeVoe (a sub-group of Super Group, New Edition). Along with receiving their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the New Edition story that will be airing for three nights on BET; the men are releasing their fourth studio album. Their first in just over sixteen years.


Now as a fan of NE, I am always excited when the fellas release any type of project. Be it with the group or solo. I support and buy it all.

Their upcoming album, Three Stripes, is NO exception. As if their first official single “Run” wasn’t hot and serving major vibes for 2016, the men of BBD released the pre-order for their album, and along with it came their second official single.

Why is it so amazing? Why is it worthy of Song of the Week (honestly, song of MY year)? It features more 90s royalty! The beautiful, sanging ladies of SWV.

I mean, who hasn’t thought of a song with both Ricky and Coko singing and trading back and forth on leads? I know I did. The song is titled “Finally”, an aptly titled duet that speaks on getting this love thing right with the perfect one.

Finally – Bell Biv DeVoe feat. SWV (Snippet)


My honest opinion, I attempted to give in a video review on my youtube channel, but as it typically happens, I feel I failed to explain properly just how great the song is.

We all know that in recent years R&B has had it’s ups and downs. More downs than ups, but that’s just my opinion.

“Finally”, to me, is what R&B music is supposed to be. There’s an infectious instrumental, AMAZING vocals from two groups that are often counted out, if not downright disrespected by music fans who didn’t necessarily grow up listening to them, or simply haven’t had the pleasure of hearing real R&B and real singers.

It’s a cute love song, it’s most certainly age appropriate and it’s just something that everybody can sit back and vibe to. It’s a guaranteed treat for fans of both Bell Biv DeVoe and SWV, giving us that good old 90s feel while remaining current for today’s standards without doing anything that wouldn’t work for them.

It gives me even higher expectations for the Three Stripes album, and it’s absolutely a great choice and follow up single to their first banger, “Run”.

Having already played it for 12+ hours straight (the first night & next day), I can say confidently that it’s already one of the best songs to debut in 2017, and one of the starts to what I believe will be an awesome year in music for R&B. Especially with so many 90’s artists returning, or continuing on the path of their comeback.


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