Candy Rain (by Cortney Joseph)

Jase excitedly walked through the halls of his high school, hoping to reach the senior hall with enough time to spare before the first period bell rang. All of his boys were clowning him, bright and early, on the bus but none of their comments mattered. He was starting the school year off right.

Great grades, captain of the basketball team with recruiters checking him out, and finally… the girl of his dreams. He’d spent all summer working up the nerve to ask Samantha out, and she’d said yes.


To say that he had a crush was an understatement. The boy was in love, and had been ever since they were young children; only keeping his feelings at bay, out of respect for his mother and her insistence that he stay focused on school and his future career as a sports star.

This year would be different though. This year, he had time for it all.

Spotting Samantha at her locker, Jase smiled and walked up to her, placing his hands over her eyes. Speaking in a lowered voice, as if his wasn’t already deep enough. “Good morning, Beautiful.”

Samantha smiled, loving that she was finally getting to see this side of Jase. For so long she’d assumed, with a few exceptions, that he’d played as if he were only interested in himself and playing with the hearts of their many school mates. To hear that he’d been, basically, pining away, just as she was for him, was an eye opener. Despite her father’s best attempts to keep her from dating, she saw no reason to waste her chance at a relationship that could bring so much happiness into her young and dull life.


Turning around, she leaned back against her locker. Wanting to keep her there, Jase put his hand against it and stepped closer to her, pressing their lips together in what was officially their first kiss.

It was cute, and sweet, and they found themselves wrapped up in the moment. So much so that they were almost willing to take a detention charge for defying a teacher that passed by. “I’ve been thinking about you all morning.”

She giggled. “As if you didn’t just speak to me before we left our houses.”

Jase shrugged, pulling her into a hug. “Call me crazy, but this is how I feel about our whole situation. I’ve waited for years to tell you exactly how I felt. Kept it to myself for so long, felt like I was so dumb, and now that I’ve got you… I almost don’t wanna believe it’s real.”

“But it is, Jase.”

“And as long as we’re together, I’m gonna make sure you know exactly how I feel. I already threw the L word out there, but hey, that’s just what it is. Now, we’re just making up for lost time and missed opportunities.”

Samantha nodded. “I like that.”


Taking her hand in his, they began to walk down the long senior hall, towards her first class of the day. “You don’t think we’re entirely too serious though, do you? My pops forced me to sit through a speech today.”

“Yeah, what’d he say?”

Samantha cleared her throat. “That it’s nice that we’ve always had these feelings, or whatever, but we shouldn’t just jump all in with it. He was basically acting like we haven’t known one another our whole lives, like he hasn’t seen us flirting back in forth in church, at summer camps, and everywhere else.”

“Right. Remember that time my mama snatched me out the grocery store ‘cause I was stuck staring all in your pretty face.”

She laughed. “Nah, that was your own fault. You know Ms. Nancy has no patience and you were supposed to be putting her groceries in the basket, not looking at me.”

“Shit, I couldn’t help it Samantha. You were there with your mama, looking good as hell. Those blue jean shorts that stopped at those thighs. That black t-shirt that you thought was hiding your figure, but was really making it more visible. Man, that was after the summer they separated us. You left looking like a stick figure and came back with them thick hips, swayin’ from side to side. Thighs, breast, and ass. I had lost it before, but after that I was gone.”

“You’re so silly.”

“It’s the truth though.”


He cleared his throat. “And no, I don’t think we’re too serious. I feel like what we’re working on, it’s meant to be. Don’t think I’m buggin’, but I feel like you are my soul mate. Ever since we first met, it’s always been about you. Not like, not lust, love. It’s always been love.”

Samantha smiled, walking with her head down for a moment. They both stepped closer to one another as more students began to walk past them.

“It sounds so crazy to feel this way, ‘cause we’re so young, but now that you’re officially in my life as my girl, I don’t know what I would do if we fell off.”

She cleared her throat. “Well, you don’t have to worry about that. As much as I chased after you, behind my parents back, ain’t no way I’m letting you go now. These hoes ‘round here mad, and they finna stay mad all through senior year, college, and the rest of life.”

“I believe you’d fight one of these chicks too.”

“And your big headed ass too, bet not try me.”

“Haaa, I ain’t gon’ do it. But I do wanna make one thing about our relationship clear.”

Stopping at the door of her Calculus class, Samantha adjusted her backpack on her shoulder. “What’s that?”

“Anything you want, all you gotta do is ask and it’s yours. I’ll give you the world and more.”

Biting down on her bottom lip, Samantha hugged Jase and gave him a quick kiss. “All I want is you, your time and your love. You’re my love.”

“You’re the same.” He cleared his throat, catching himself as he was about to randomly start singing. “Look at you, got me out here ‘bout to burst into random ass throwback songs already.”

“Boy please, you’ve been singing Candy Girl, Candy Rain, and Alone With You since we were like nine. Whipped.”

Jase rolled his eyes and shrugged, not even ashamed to admit it. She’d had his heart since before he was even old enough to comprehend ‘love’ beyond loving your family or friends. “Aiight then, let me say that, all I want… all I need, now I know, I know I found it in you. ‘Cause you are, my love.

Samantha smiled, blushing as many of her classmates passed by whistling and clapping. “You can not sing, Jase, but I definitely love when you sing to me. Get out of here, before we get written up for PDA.”

“See you later.”


He finally let her hand go, walking away with her pretty smile etched in his mind to get him through the struggle that would be first period English IV.

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