Lose My Mind (by Cortney Joseph)

Jacie sat on the arm of their couch, pouting as her husband dressed himself for work. “You look at me like that every morning, and as much as it pulls at my heart, you know I can’t stay home.”

“I know, and I truly understand you have to work to provide for us. I appreciate you so much, I thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to stay home to follow my own dream, but…”


She sighed. “It hurts so damn much to miss you.”

“I’m only gone for eight hours. Nine at the most.”

She rolled her eyes. “I know. But you don’t understand how much I miss you, how much I hate to be apart from you, how much I hate to share you with others. Can’t focus on myself or my own work, because I’m missing you all day. It’s hell when you’re not here.”

He laughed, leaning forward to give her a kiss. “You’re silly.”

“I don’t care. When you turn around to grab your shoes and jacket, I’m going to miss you. You take a single step towards the door, I miss you.”


“I’m thinking it’s because we just got married and you’re a bit spoiled off of the two weeks we had together, uninterrupted.”

“No, has absolutely nothing to do with that. This was even before. Every morning, like clockwork, I open my eyes excited to wake up next to you. And then, I remember that you have to get out of bed and leave the house. When I start remembering that I have to tell you goodbye, that I have to let you go, that I can’t cuddle up under you all day long. There’s not a bit of peace I get until you come back here eons later.”

“You’re being dramatic.”

“But you love me and my dramatics.”

He laughed, nodding his head. “I do, and I promise that I miss you just as much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten in trouble for not focusing because you’re on my mind at the most inappropriate times. But you’ll be okay, Jacie. We’re always okay when we’re apart from one another.”

“You’re okay, I’m not. I feel like I lose a piece of my heart and my mind.”

“Just promise me you won’t cry when I walk out the door today.”

She shook her head. “I told you, I’ll never make a promise I can’t keep.”

“It’s just a few hours.”

“I don’t care. I’m addicted to you, out of control, and I have no shame. Every day, every time you’re gone away. Five minutes, an hour or more, I’m out of it. Just one day. Stay home with me today, and I promise I won’t ever act this way again.”

“Thought you won’t make promises you can’t keep.”

She sighed, hanging her head. “It was worth a try, Kyle.”


Kyle smiled, giving her a kiss before he grabbed his keys and walked out the door. When Jacie heard the bottom lock click, she fell back on the couch and let out a deep sigh, trying her best to get her attitude in check.

Yes, she knew her interests should lie elsewhere, outside of her husband, but the way her joy and love for her husband and their life together was set up… she’d spend almost all of her days feeling incomplete until he returned. He was the muse and inspiration for her songs and stories, the blue print for every heartthrob in the romance novels she wrote. The man that drove all of her passionate love ballads. How could she ever work properly and thrive if her main inspiration was never around.

Her friends called her crazy, said she was a bit too obsessive, assumed he controlled her. These were the same friends who always asked for tips on how to find a man like Kyle. “What do I do now?”

As she turned to face the back of the couch, she heard locks clicking. Sitting up just a little, her face lit up when the door opened and he walked through the door. “I guess the good thing about being the boss, I can take off when I feel like it.”

Jacie jumped up, heading straight for his arms. “Admit it, you’re just as love sick and silly as I am.”

“I mean, with someone as beautiful and loving as you are, can you blame me? I’ll stay home today, but whatever story or song comes from this; it better be a number one hit or best seller.”


“Good. Now let me get on my real job and inspire my baby to create a couple of masterpieces.”

She smiled, hugging him tightly.

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