Girl’s First Crush (*Snippet) | by Cortney Joseph

The following is an unedited snippet from a story I’m working on, for fun, in between the projects I plan to publish this year.

Again, it’s unedited and most certainly lacks decent direction and detail, but I thought I’d share for the friend who encouraged me to write it. Also sharing just to share something on MyPenWritesNice today.




Roxanne rushed through the hallways, trying her best not to bump into anyone as she searched for Lucinda. If anyone had the answer to the question on her mind, it would be her friend. Though it might have seemed silly to others, it was a pressing matter to the young sophomore.

As always, she found Lucinda wrapped comfortably in Tyler’s arms, giggling their lunch period away on a bench resting in the center of the main commons area of the campus. Roxanne gave a polite smile, apologizing for the intrusion.

Tyler looked up, beaming. “It’s no problem Roxanne, you always save us from unnecessary write-ups.” And just as he spoke, their least favorite teacher passed by, rolling her eyes at the trio of teenagers. “See.”

“She just mad because she ain’t got no man. Anyway, sorry to break your moment, but I have a pressing question for Lucy. Seeing as you’ve been tasked with greeting new students and getting them situated and acquainted with how things work around campus; I was wondering exactly how close you got to specific students. Like, do you introduce yourself and get to know them, befriend them. Or do you learn their names, show them around and send them on their way never to bother with them again?”

Lucinda shrugged her shoulders, thinking for a moment. “It really depends on how they act. We’ve had so many new students since school began, and it’s really only one that has talked to me consistently since their first day. You know, everyone finds their own little group of friends once they get settled.”

Roxanne nodded, folding her arms across her chest. “Right, right.”

“Is this for a story you haven’t told me about?”

“Huh? Oh, no.” She chuckled lightly, feeling silly for the things that began to stir within her. “See, I kind of caught a glimpse of someone new and I was hoping that it was someone you were still showing the ropes around here.”


Lucinda sat up straight. “Well, today I showed two new boys around. I know both sophomores like you, one of them advanced by a year.”

Her hopes skyrocketed. “Now we’re getting somewhere.” As Tyler moved over, Roxanne wedged herself between the couple, thanking them for their extra time as she grew more inquisitive. “Okay, this one particular boy; he’s tall, with beautiful brown skin, gorgeous eyes filled with so much light. He has the best ‘fro I have ever seen in my life. The brother can dress! I haven’t heard him speak, but he was standing with someone earlier and I heard him laugh. Oh my gosh, the sweetest laugh ever.”

“A laugh can be sweet?”

She nodded excitedly in Tyler’s direction. “His is. It was like a playful giggle, it just made he him seem so sweet and innocent. He looks really shy, but he also looks like he’ll open up if he had a good friend. I want to be that friend. Please tell me you know who I’m talking about.”

“I do.”

She looked at Tyler, her large brown eyes glazing over in excitement. “Who?!”

“My cousin. He’s been wanting to come here because he wasn’t being challenged at his previous school, and Prescott happens to be a top rated high school with a better academic program for the gifted.”

“Your cousin?” Tyler nodded as a dreamy sigh escaped Roxanne’s lips. This tickled Lucinda, finding it cute how the girl who cared nothing for boys grew so giddy. “He’s beautiful. And gifted you say?” Tyler nodded again. “Intelligence. Oh, the conversations we could have.” Tyler laughed, playfully stating that it ran in the family. “What’s his name? Where’s he from?  Where was he when I was surrounded by toads in middle school?”

“His name is Austin and he’s fourteen. Catch us before we leave campus and I’ll introduce the two of you, he can tell you everything else you want to know himself.”

Roxanne grew excited at the thought. “I always knew you were a great guy. Just perfect!” She stood up, smoothing the front of her t-shirt. “Excuse these unusual antics in me. I know I’m usually cool as a fan and unmoved by the opposite sex. However, I’ve never been knocked off my feet by the sight of someone. Bye.”

Lucinda waved goodbye as Roxanne rushed off, smiling from ear to ear.

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