A Consistent Tale Of Inconsistency

Hey. Hello. Hi there.


Yes, I’m back, after another unexplained hiatus … with lots of ‘excuses’. While there have been so many hard and sad things happening in my life as of late (more so in the past month); I think I should only state that my mood towards writing has been a mixture of two things.

Laziness, and a severe lack of motivation/inspiration/drive.


Since I know, and have always known, that setting deadlines and timelines for myself rarely ever works (more so now when my job interferes with my life outside of it), I’ve decided that while I’m working to resume sharing my gift with my family, friends, and those in the world that choose to tune in; I will not be making promises of set schedules and what not.

Many things coming, and hopefully you’ll be around when I am able to share them.


For now; my tentative plans are to publish two major things.

While I have SIX poetry collections under my belt (all available on Amazon — Cortney Joseph), I have maintained this intense fear of publishing my stories and novels.

So, my two biggest projects for 2019 (and possibly going into 2020) are 1, a Short Story collection. And 2, my official debut novel.

I also hope to work towards restarting my youtube channel, sharing more here on MyPenWritesNice.com, and a poetry album.

Again, no deadlines… just diligent work and the hope that you all will be here when I accomplish these goals.


Once more, I’d like to thank everyone who has taken any amount of time to go through MyPenWritesNice.com, anyone who has read my short stories and poems, left a comment, purchased a copy of my collections, shared the site with someone, and any other wonderful thing you’ve done.

I apologize for my inconsistency, and I truly pray that all that I deliver in the future will have made the wait worthwhile.


xoxo, Cortney D. Joseph


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Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

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