The “Title” Struggle.

So, as things have calmed down a bit and I’ve decided to get focused with my writing and work, I’ve decided that my next big project will be my first short story collection.

The problem? I suck at choosing titles for anything I do. If you’ve never noticed, most of my short story titles are borrowed from songs.

It’s hard out here for a creative sometimes.

With that said, I am always open to suggestions from others, but whenever I ask I can never get responses. I’m hoping to get some here.

So, with that being said; though I don’t have a set theme (it will most likely be a collection about Love), I am taking any and all title suggestions to pull from when my time to publish comes.

Please, if you’d be so kind to, leave a suggestion or two in the comments of this post. It will be greatly appreciated. (Thanks and credit will be given within the pages of the official copy of said collection.)

Thank you!

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