Take A Little Trip (Alternate Intro) by Cortney Joseph #ShortStoryAugust

He could hear heavy footsteps and excessive rummaging happening in close proximity. A door slamming, light objects being tossed around as profane words flew about without care of an audience. The peace Jude sought after giving all of himself to thousands had been disturbed, his chance for a bit of rest before his next show gone.

Obnoxious shouting rang out, shrill and bass driven voices that bothered him greatly arguing over his head. He tried his best to tune the bothersome antics out, turning his full body to face the back of the couch he occupied. It was useless. Turning on his back again, he adjusted the dark shades he wore, parting his lips to speak his piece. They had not heard him, his gentle voice drowned out by the shouting match.

So he yelled, almost barking out his commentary in annoyance. “I’m blind, not deaf. Please take your squabbles elsewhere.”

He’d allowed himself to be drawn into their drama once more, an instant regret. “Jude, would you please tell your brother that-”

He raised his hand, signaling for silence. “I don’t care what you and Jonah are upset or fussing about today. All of the yelling is uncalled for, especially in my private space. I don’t want to hear it.”

“Sorry Little Brother,” Jonah cleared his throat, lowering his voice before he continued. He walked towards the couch where Jude lay. “But could you please inform my wife that none of the women popping in and out of these other rooms and various spaces are here for me? That every night these women are looking for you, Jude, not me!”


Jude remained silent for a long while, gathering his thoughts and placing his attitude in check before he spoke. He silently wished he’d gotten the nerve to wander of on his own again. “Did I not say that if you two could not separate your private life and issues while working, you should refrain from bringing her on the road with us?”


He raised his hand again, waiting patiently until his sister-in-law stopped her mumbling. “Liselle, I love you dearly but your jealousy often rears its head at the wrong times, and always for no reason. Jonah is never out of your sight, which is a bit unhealthy if you ask me. Even when he’s with and helping me, I am certain you’re not far behind.” He paused, smiling to himself. “You really should work on tip-toeing, I can always hear when you creep up on us outside of a room.”

“You’re not helping the situation, Jude. You don’t understand…”

“I understand perfectly, Liselle. Musicians have reputations. Our father is probably responsible for a great majority of the things people say, and I know our mother has told you everything she went through.” Jonah nodded his head in agreement, looking towards his wife with softened eyes. “But not all are the same, and we are certainly not our father. For one thing; we don’t have that kind of time, energy, or patience. All we do is work, eat, and sleep. Secondly; I don’t have a string of affairs and one-night stands, so why do you think Jonah would? And why do you believe that I would allow or encourage that?”

“It’s thrown at you constantly, so I know they try him too. And do you really expect any woman to believe that you don’t take what’s given so freely?”

“Some women will believe what they want to, even when they’ve been told the truth. You should know the deal because you’re always up under Jonah and he’s never too far from your view. That’s your truth. My truth is that I’m not sleeping around with a different, strange woman every night, so I can’t and don’t condone or encourage that behavior.” He paused for another moment, continuing with his thoughts. “A lot of women are batshit crazy. I value my life too much. I could mess around and hurt the wrong woman, and then she’ll kill me. My family would be sitting at the funeral saying he never saw it coming.” Jonah stifled a laugh at his brother’s last comment, covering his mouth as Jude cackled at the thought. “Liselle, please allow yourself to relax and stop looking for what’s not there.”

She sighed heavily, hoping that he wasn’t taking up for Jonah just because they were brothers. “Fine.”

“Now get out. Next time you disturb me, you’re both fired and then you’ll have all the time in the world to watch his every move. He’ll be faithful and broke, but you won’t ever have to worry.”

“Need help getting ready for the next performance, Little Brother?”

Jude took a deep breath and attempted to make himself comfortable for a nap once more. “I can manage, just come and wake me up fifteen minutes before.” When he was finally alone again, he could only shake his head as he jokingly prayed aloud. “Dear God, when you do see fit to send me a wife; please, make sure she’s nothing like my mother. Jonah wished for that, and I know the stress in his life. I’ve already overcome one struggle, don’t add another. Amen.”

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