Silly Wasn’t I by Cortney Joseph #ShortStoryAugust

Gloria stood still, feet planted firmly though she willed herself to run away. The sight before her was one she couldn’t believe, one she didn’t want to believe. Ha, Ha, Ha echoed loudly in her head, the chorus of her friends and family laughing behind her back.

They had to know, they’d surely tried to warn her before and Gloria bypassed every red flag she was shown in favor of his mesmerizing smile and sweet words.

Ha, ha, ha … she’d been had, been made a fool.


It was their anniversary, he’d made plans and she’d gotten all dolled up for the occasion. She’d followed his instructions, wore those heels he liked. She waited, and waited, watching the clock as hours passed by with no word.

Then he called, admitted his failure to let her know he’d be late. She forgave, and waited, and waited.

And when it finally became to much, something within led her to her car. She traveled the hour long distance between them. Gloria parked in his driveway, strutted with confidence that she would find him in some way that required the great love and care she could give to the man she loved so dearly.


Ha, ha, ha … she found herself in a state of confusion, watching from an open window as he welcomed another with opened arms. Held and kissed another the way he promised to hold and kiss her.

She’d been silly to think that he truly cared, that she’d been his one and only. That he’d want to marry her when she knew more than others that he only wanted someone to use until he got the one he wanted.

“Ha, ha ha… stupid, wasn’t I?”

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