#ShortStoryAugust Spotlight : @MO0N_CH1LD


So, if you have been reading the stories I’ve been posting these past few days, and you’ve been enjoying them; then have I got a treat for you all.

A friend of mine has tapped into the challenge with a story of her own, and I am so excited to share!

“Broken Pieces” begins a pain filled, beautifully written account of a woman going through what I perceived to be a longstanding nightmare (for the character).

I won’t spoil anything, but this short by m0onch1ld here on WordPress is a MUST read.

You can find Broken Pieces on her Wattpad, and I most certainly hope this becomes a full story because chiiiiiiiiiild, do I have the commentary for a certain character loaded and ready! 😂

Thank you for joining in on the challenge, Sylina and I can not wait to read more!

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