#ShortStoryAugust Check-In/Update

Can I say that this writing challenge has been just that; a CHALLENGE.

While I knew that it would get a little tough along the way, due to my work schedule, I truly had not anticipated this intense struggle and urge to give up on writing EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Let me tell you, that desire is surely winning over my desire to remain consistent with my work and art for once in my life.

I’ve run out of works that I either forgot about or never shared (thankful for those because some days I simply had no time to write), and the ideas for new things aren’t coming at all.

Truthfully, I was counting on a few friends and even a few strangers to join in with me (thank you to the one person who participated), but doing this alone has caused my enthusiasm and eagerness to see this through dramatically.

All that to say, if you are reading along and don’t see a story posted past today or tomorrow (it will be a real miracle if I get one up), then don’t be too upset or surprised.

I really am trying my best to get through to day 31, but I’m also very ready to throw in the towel on this challenge.

Thanks to all who have been reading, and if you’ve missed any of the stories so far, you can find them in the Short Story section of MyPenWritesNice.com (a masterpost of all shorts will be shared soon).

Xoxo, Cortney.


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