Old Woman.

So, I turned 29 on the 31st of August. Let’s just say that while I’m not actually OLD like I always claim I am; my body and the bones in it certainly feel like I’ve been around since 1938 rather than 1990.

It’s all falling apart!


No, but seriously, I dreaded my birthday just as I’m sure I’ll lightly dread turning 30 next year; but I’ve had to change my thoughts just a little and realize how blessed I am to have made it this far. I know quite a few people who haven’t, friends and family, and the thought has put a lot about life into perspective for me.

It’s not guaranteed, it’s short so you have to make the most of it. Those things, and more, that I’ve always known; but you know some of us humans… we like to gripe anyway.

I would like, this year, to do a little less of that and be a little more grateful because I truly could have been in far worse places.

So, today, I thank God for life and for the many blessings he has and all that I hope he will bestow upon me.


I’ve also, intentionally, been working on my confidence. Somewhere around 24 or 25, it just went downhill. I haven’t been able to focus on or keep positive feelings and thoughts towards the thing I love most. Which is my gift of writing. I haven’t fully used it the way He intended for me, and I’m beginning to learn and know that that is a disservice to Him.


As usual, my rambling probably doesn’t make sense, but the thoughts were there and I needed to get them out. I’ve also been having major problems with my internet service and I needed to post SOMETHING, while I can, so that it doesn’t seem I’ve abandoned the site.

As I always say, there’s more to come. Thanks to all who drop by MyPenWritesNice (both once and frequently), it is always and forever appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


xoxo, Cortney.




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