I’ve seen this strategy work for SO many but have always felt that my luck wasn’t set up that well.

Well, I’ve been trying to remind myself that my extreme penchant for self-doubting and holding negative feelings and ideals (regarding my art/work) doesn’t exactly help me or my luck.

After all; what’s meant for me is already written for me, and if it’s not so be it. So what’s the harm in throwing a few of my goals and dreams out into the universe? If it’s meant for me, it will happen. I believe!


One of the BIGGEST things I would love to do is to meet my number one writing idol; Smokey Robinson. Love Song Extraordinaire, Poet Laureate, all around GENIUS. His words, the way he allows them to flow from his pen to paper and into some of the most astoundingly beautiful songs, poems, stories, and speeches have moved me in ways that no other writer has. Along with meeting him, I would love to just have few minutes (if not hours) of his time in a quick song writing session or lesson. There are so many valuable lessons I know this man holds, and I feel that all he has to teach can open up a whole new world and path for me.

Did I mention that I love him? I would really love for this to happen.


The next thing I would LOVE to occur in my lifetime is to be given the gift and major task of writing two biopics that I feel are NEEDED. I know that in recent years they have been a bit much, some great and some done terribly; but there are two specific groups that I feel NEED their story told.

  1. The Three Degrees (and, if not them alone, then Philadelphia International as a whole — but, these are the supreme divas that gave us the original Soul Train theme song, along with some of the most beautiful harmonies and arrangements ever recorded on Wax. Their paring with Gamble and Huff alone is worth talking about.), and 2. The Four Tops (I have a feeling that since they’re one of the only Motown acts to NEVER change members — until the death of one of the first four original members — their story may not come off as entertaining as The Temptations or even The Jacksons. But there is a story there!)

I would love to write both of those. I also want to be in charge of the soundtrack because I just know if it’s left to anyone else, the wrong songs will be left off (hits and hidden gems). As much as I love The Temptations movie, there were SOOOOO many more songs that could have been mentioned, especially when they took the short dips into David and Eddie going solo. There certainly could have been more spotlight on the beautiful voice that was Paul Williams. (I think I’ll always be mad about them not including Don’t Look Back).


And, to keep on the subject of The Three Degrees; if they don’t have an official biography; I would love to get together with Sheila, Valarie, Fayette’s family, and the current lineup of the group and write that as well.



I DREAM of being a New York Times’ Best Seller! I can still be independent, though I hope someone major sees my worth and throws a proper deal my way.

I want my future novels turned into films! I have one set aside specifically for Kevin Hart (to be paired in a RomCom with Tamera Mowry). Mr. Hart, I’m right here, waiting and ready!
And, lastly; if it’s meant to be, I NEED to be out of Louisiana and somewhere that I can flourish happily.



(this gif is a visual representation of me throwing my wishes out into the universe).


What are some of the things you hope and wish for, what wonderful things would you like to speak into your life?


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