Testing Out “Plot Factory”, A mini-peek, & Update

So, in my new approach to picking back up on my writing and sticking with it for the long haul, I’ve taken on task that I usually don’t.

One of those tasks is to actually plan out my story before I start and as I go along. Out of the nearly 100 stories/novels I’ve written, I might have planned out five of them in full. The rest I just wrote off the top of my head.

Now, while that USED to work, lately just going off the top of my head (and including my various moods) has only led to about 98 percent of those stories being incomplete.


So, I began looking around for different online writing tools. This includes writing apps (even though I absolutely LOATHE writing/typing on my phone. I am extremely error prone, and the fact that I keep my nails done now doesn’t make it any better.

In my quest, aside from a few basic note apps, I haven’t found any that I like for my phone. Online (desktop, laptop), however, I discovered a site/app called Plot Factory. It’s pretty basic, with a few neat features (and I’m sure more neat features for those who pay for the site/app upgrade), but it gets the job done and I’ve taken a liking to it.

You’re able to plot out the entire universe that your novel(s) will be set in, able to plan out each individual book, create and plan out the characters by writing detailed biographies on them (you can also include pictures — face claims for a general idea if you write the way I do, which is that I see everything I write as a film so I choose people I could potentially see portraying my characters.) You’re able to outline the entire plot of your novel(s) in a decent amount of detail, plan out the places and detail them (especially if you’re making up locations), and a few other things if you enjoy organizing that way.

Personally, I do not. However, using Plot Factory has kept me really focused and excited about writing the novel that I am writing currently. One cool feature that I actually like, though I wish the voices were better, is that you can have an entire chapter narrated for you so that you can see how it flows. It even reads it back to you. Voices are horrible and dry, but the feature is still really neat.

I tried it, and I’d like to share the rough draft of the intro I put together (it, of course, may change when I begin my editing process later on down the line).



The only gripe that I have is that while there is a mobile app, it doesn’t seem to be included for androids and I am a tad bit upset because it would be the only thing to get me to write/type on my phone (as the majority of my ideas come to me while I’m at work).


Anyway, I just wanted to come and share that. And to share that a milestone has been reached. Albeit small, it’s still a milestone for me. I’ve gone about a week feeling confident and excited, and I haven’t felt a twinge of desire to give up. This is cause for small celebration.



In case you missed the last post, I shared a brand new poem, “3 a.m. & Heartbreak” by Cortney Joseph

& the original post about my decision to get back into my love for writing and take full control of my fears (after holding myself back for so long) can he read here ==> Work In Progress, #1 (An Update)

See you all soon with more!


xoxo, Cortney.

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