Finding Faith (A Novella) – Intro

Intro : No ‘Good’ In Goodbye




The cloud on which she rested comfortably dissipated without warning. Like the world crumbling at her feet, Faith Porter felt herself falling face first. Time stopped, freezing on a moment she’d never forget no matter how hard she tried.

Her chest rose and fell, words only a jumble of letters, stuck where they struggled to form as tears of disbelief escaped the ducts of her grief stricken eyes.

Her entrance halted by his unexpected exit.


“Levi, Le…” A bumbling mess, his name came between weakened wails. “Levi, what are you doing? Where are you going?” She moved swiftly behind him, grabbed and pulled at him, fought for the attention he would not give. “What are you doing?”

Faith received no answer, only a cold shoulder and a back turned on their marriage and her love.

“You can’t leave.” And then her voice rose, her very first attempt at setting her foot down. “You can’t go! Please,” her small weight seemed to pull her down. Her back pressed to the door frame as she slid down, begging and pleading. “Please don’t leave me. Please!”

Their vows danced around her mind, all of the sweet words of love and promises he made. All that had meant the world to Faith, they meant nothing to him. He kept on his way, never looked back.

The hope she held for her Happily Ever After fading, the light she shared daily dimming minute by minute as she waited until she’d lost her will to go on. Faith sat quietly, drowning in sorrow, the throbbing of an incessant migraine competing with the tightening of her chest as each second of loneliness ticked by.

If this were all apart of his plan, he had succeeded. She was alone. And lost. Afraid.

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