Finding Faith (A Novella) – Part 2

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PREVIOUSLY : Finding Faith (A Novella) – Part 1



Part 2 : No Fight Left/Letting Go



There seemed to be a breakthrough. The sun seemed to shine a bit more with Lena in Faith’s corner. She’d found her desire to get up and move around, it was no longer a struggle to get her to eat. She would talk and chat, and the random outbursts of anguish came far and few in between.

And then it happened.


Lena stood with her arms folded across her chest, arms folded with a glare that could kill Levi Porter where he stood. She wanted to slap the sly smirk off his face, wanted to creep up slowly and grab him by the neck, strangle him one time before knocking him to the ground.

“If you don’t mind, I need to get something out of MY house.”

Hearing footsteps behind her, Lena acted swiftly. Pushing Levi back as she stepped outside and closed the front door behind her. “You’ve got some nerve.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m more than sure you know the work it has taken me to get a smile back on Faith’s face. Not that you care about taking it away.” He rolled his eyes, obviously bored by what he felt was a faux lecture of sorts. “And you have the audacity to not only pop up, probably hoping to instill some type of false hope while that girl is vulnerable, but to also pull up here with another chick? You on a special brand of crack, ain’t you?”

Levi sighed, waving off Lena’s words. “You’ve never liked me anyway-”

“You’re right.”

“So I already know you had fire ready to spew from that big mouth of yours. But let me tell you something; neither of you are going to guilt me into feeling bad about leaving something that was over a long time ago.”

“Then you should have been a man and expressed that to her the very moment you felt it! Men like you are the ones that make it bad for others. You get over something and you move on as you please, forgetting that there are women who are invested deeply and can’t let go so quickly because they don’t even know you’ve had a change of heart. You string them alone just because you know you can.” Feeling herself growing angrier by the second, Lena took a deep breath and lowered her voice. “What do you want? To see her cry more?”

“To get into my house.”

“Tuh. That’s too bad. Now you can tell me what you want and I will get it for you, but I’ll be damned if I let you move around her, stare in her face, ignore her if she tries to speak to you, or anything else hateful you had planned when you pulled up here. What do you want?”


Standing, peeking out the window, Faith listened as her husband ran off a list of ‘essentials’ he was suddenly so pressed to get. She listened as he informed Lena that divorce papers would be served soon. It was surreal, final. There would be nothing to talk about, not even if she begged.

Startled out of her thoughts by the sound of the front door slamming shut, Faith jumped and watched as Lena paced back and forth, cursing under her breath.

“You don’t have to hide it from me. I see him, I saw her sitting there. Let him get whatever he wants.”

“He ain’t getting shit if I can help it.”

“Lena, didn’t you tell me it’s a battle not worth fighting?” She nodded, watching as Faith looked towards the floor. “So we’re not gonna fight it, or him. Let him get what he wants. I’ll be in the kitchen, let me know when he leaves.”

“Faith, at least tell me how you’re feeling right now?”

Faith stood still for a long while, her mind swimming deep through the waves of emotions hitting her all at once. “Broken. Unsure of how I’m going to get through all of this.”

“I’ll be he-”

“But I will get through it. At least, that’s what everyone says.” Before Lena could say anything else, Faith sulked away. Almost running in effort to avoid direct contact with the lost love of her life.


After a failed attempt at approaching Faith, intercepted by Lena, Levi went on his way. Though a bit petty, Lena silently hoped it would be the last he’d be seen or heard from.

She and Faith sat quietly in the backyard, moving slowly on a swing set built for Faith’s many nieces and nephews. “You really should go home, get yourself some rest.”

“Girl, hush.”

“No, it’s not right of me to take up all of your time. My sniveling. I know it’s getting on your nerves.”

Lena looked at her best friend, giving a tiny smile. “Just the sniveling over the Jackass. But I have a feeling we won’t be speaking of him much after today.”

“I’d really appreciate if we didn’t. Only-” Faith paused, only continuing when Lena urged her to do so. “Was she prettier than me?”


“She was pretty, yes. But when you do dirty things to others, it makes you ugly in other ways, so no, she’s not prettier than you. And he looks like a damn gorilla.”

Faith accepted the answer. “Thanks for being here.”

“I’ll always be here. And I’m not going to leave your side, not just yet.” Lena took a deep breath, looking down at her watch for a few moments before she finally spoke again. “So, are you in the mood to do anything at all today? A light lunch? Walk in the park? Maybe we can try the movies this time?”

“Yeah, I do need to get out of this house, huh?”

“Desperately. And tomorrow too so I can do a good deep clean.”

“You don’t have to.”

“But I will. Now what’s the plan for today?”

A thin smile etched itself across Faith’s face. “Lunch, on me. Let me get showered and changed, and we’ll get back out into the world. Gotta get it over with at some point, right?”

Lena nodded, thanking God that a new breakdown and crisis had been averted.

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