Someone’s Watching (Novel Intro) by Cortney Joseph

The following is the intro to “Someone’s Watching“, book 1 in my upcoming Gaitland University Series.

As I work towards publishing, all four books will be shared in their unedited stages via Wattpad. Feel free to follow along if you enjoy the intros and select chapters that I will be sharing here on MyPenWritesNice.




I watched as the devil lay dying, tears spilling over the heavy ducts of my eyes. They burned, streaming down each of the deep cuts that marred my face. Each sting reminding me of the anguish I’d endured, the battle I was slowly losing with each pained breath I took.

The more I tried to lift myself, a body of bones that ached insufferably, the more I felt myself falling into a puddle of sweat, blood, and tattered clothing. I could feel it all draining, the very short life I’ve lived sprinting through my mind. The good times, the bad, the things I’d put my parents through and all the wrong I thought they’d done to me.

I could hear sirens sounding faintly in the distance, and when I tried to wail along with them I heard nothing more than their echos fading.
Blurry vision prevented me from seeing a way out, any way to safety. Instead, each forced blink was met by a blinding light waiting to lead me out of the darkness and into another life I was not ready for.
I felt every inch of me, every part of me giving out as my mind pushed me to fight.

But I couldn’t. I’d played and laid with the devil while searching for freedom I thought I needed; and now, a chariot swung low above me. It’d come forth to carry me home.


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