New Release : Empty Room by Cortney Joseph

I can truly say that in recent months, my art has suffered greatly. However, in that suffering I managed to put together something special.

Unfortunately, it is not my long awaited debut novel, however it is just as important to me.

In my search for words to write and share came ten poems and a letter written to the being that had been my greatest motivation in life.

I formed a collection, and that collection has bought a bit of peace and comfort to me in very time moments.

At this time, it is all I have to offer those who support me as an independent author.

Empty Room, a deeply personal collection of poetry is now available for sale on Amazon. Currently, the paperback edition is ready for purchase at $8 with the Kindle EBook edition to follow for $4.

The title Empty Room stems from the fact that the person who motivated me most will no longer be there, physically, when I walk into his room, and each time I enter I am left with a range of feelings and emotions… A few of which you will find in the collection.

It is my hope that someone else will also take comfort in the few words I have managed to find during my struggle to make sense of life as it is now for me.

If you decide to purchase a copy, please let me know and share your thoughts via instagram (@ MyPenWritesNice) or Twitter (@ MyPenWritesNice).

Empty Room : Poems And Thoughts In A Time Of Grief

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