Hi, it’s been a while.

In this new portion of my life’s journey, I decided that I want to stop making a lot of excuses for why I do or do not remain consistent with my dreams, goals, etc.

Life has happened, is happening. And a whole lot of it that I simply couldn’t and can’t control. A lot of it that has left me in places I felt I would not be able to get out of.

I’m happy to say; I’m still here, still fighting and working for me and my dreams.


If you’ve still been coming to MyPenWritesNice.com, I want to first say thank you so much. Second, if you haven’t already noticed, there have been some changes made with the layout and look of the site.

I was constantly looking for a style that fit me and I think I’ve found it. I hope it is visually pleasing and makes gives the site a better flow.


While my original plan was to come back swinging with a story, I felt it best to reintroduce myself, the site, and my intentions for those who have been following along these past three years and those who will be joining us for the years to come.

My name is Cortney Joseph. I am an independently published author, hailing from and residing in Louisiana. I was introduced to the art of writing at the age of ten. I was told by quite a few of my teachers that I had a gift worth pursuing. My love for the art soon grew and it became a dream I found worth following.
The journey has been a long and tough one, but in the nearing 20 years that I have been writing, I’ve published a total of seven poetry collections with my debut novel currently in the works. (Over all, I’ve written hundreds of poems, hundreds of short stories, and nearly a hundred short and full length novels).

I have shared my work across countless sites and decided in 2017 that it was time to give MY work it’s own home. That home became MyPenWritesNice.com


It is my hope that all who stumble upon my site enjoy the many works I have and will shared.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope there will be many returns.

Happy reading!


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Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

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