After The Show (an FG Snippet) by Cortney Joseph

She’s back! & With a short story/snippet to boot. I just wanted to make a quick note before I share the following short. Yesterday marked the FOUR year anniversary of MyPenWritesNice and I can’t thank those of you who have been here since then, are still here, and have just joined for coming along with me on this journey. Last year was a truly trying time for me and I am determined to make 2021 and the years to follow my absolute best! God has brought me this far and I know he has many more great things in store for me and my dreams.

The following you are going to read is a short scene and snippet from my debut novel, Fly Girl. After nearly 8 years, my final draft is not complete but my heart won’t let me wrap this story up or leave it to the side like some of my others, so my baby is coming!

For those who have previously met sisters Torii and Troy, their boo thangs Marliss and Raj, and the many other characters in the FG world; I hope you enjoy. For those who haven’t, you can click the Fly Girl tag I’ll create on this post and you can surely meet Torii and Troy before the novel drops. I know you’ll love my babies as much as I do.

Happy reading! & I am so so happy to be back and creating more magic. Now, on to the short.


Heels in hand, Torii tiptoed down the long corridor that led to the room she’d been sharing with her sister and one of their dancers. A headache had been growing all evening as they performed and all she wanted to do was lie down and sleep the rest of the night away.

From the far end of the hall, she could hear humming and the sound of a pen gliding across paper. Nearing, she caught a glimpse of Raymond sitting outside of his room. She thought to mind her business, head straight for her own door, but the sad look she had noticed when they first arrived in Charlotte rested on his face. It was becoming an unusual sight to see him without a smile, and she wasn’t sure why, but she missed it instantly.

She paused at his feet, speaking softly. “Are you okay?”

“Mmhm.” He did not look up, kept scribbling across the pages of the green tablet he carried everywhere they went.

“So, um, why are you sitting outside when you could be in your room where I’m sure it’s a lot warmer?”

Raymond finally looked up, the sight of Torii halting the smart remark ready to leap from the tip of his tongue. He took one deep breath, pulling his thoughts together. “Oh, I thought you were… never mind.” He sat up straight, pointing up towards the sock that adorned the doorknob. “That’s the general sign for occupied. Desmond and Semaj have taken a liking to one perk of touring. The girls.”

“I’m actually surprised to see that you aren’t enjoying that perk as well.”

Raymond shook his head, turning to a clean sheet of paper. He kept his eyes down, trained on his pen and the words he wrote as he tried his best to keep his cool. “I get nervous and uncomfortable talking to girls I actually know, and sometimes the one girl I like. Groupie attention is entirely too much for me.”

Torii took a small step back, carefully taking a seat beside Raymond she set her heels down to her right. “What are you writing?”

“S-songs. I won’t ever get the chance to sing them myself or produce them for anyone else, but I’m good at it.”

“Why won’t you get to sing them?”

“Come on Torii. Like you and your sister are the voices for Fly Girl, Marliss is the voice for our group. No one’s going to take me serious as a solo singer.”

“Don’t ever say never, and don’t doubt yourself either. Let me see one.”

His heart began to skip a few beats as he watched her hand move towards his notebook, his breathing quickening for a few seconds. Instinctively, he jerked away. “S-s-sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. I’m just-”

“It’s okay Raj, I’m the same with my songs. Not even Troy has seen most of them.”

He closed the notebook, tapping the front of it with his pen for a few seconds. Though the hallway was freezing cold, the immediate space around them seemed to grow hotter. He tugged at the collar of his shirt, looking in every direction but the one Torii sat in.

“Raj, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you think that I’m mean? Rude,” she paused, thinking on the words that had been spewed to her just a few days before. “A bitch?”

Raymond finally looked at Torii, into her eyes. For the first time, he saw a bit of uncertainty. The confidence she usually held and carried dimming as she twiddled her thumbs. Without having to think about it, he knew the fight with her groupmate wore heavily on her mind. It was a moment that should have been private, one that left Torii extremely embarrassed.

“I think that you’re a person that knows opportunities such as these don’t come to everyone, and most often they only come once in a lifetime. I don’t know the exact background you and Troy come from, but I get the sense that you both give your all to everything because you know or were taught opportunities and dreams aren’t worth wasting.”

“Is that your long answer for ‘yes’?’

“No. I don’t think you’re mean, or rude. I don’t think you’re a bitch or anything of the sort. A bit pushy, a little controlling with a takeover spirit, but you are determined and you have good intentions. You see the best in yourself, and others. You give your all, so you expect the same of others. What I think you tend to forget is that everyone does not think or feel the same. Some are okay with giving just enough, doing the bare minimum. Sometimes people like that mesh well with go-getters like yourself, and sometimes they clash. What is important to remember, don’t diminish yourself or dim your light because it’s brighter than someone else feels it should be. They’ll either appreciate it and use the push or they won’t. There are many others who look forward to that and use it to follow their own dreams, many who need and love you just as you are.”

Torii lowered her head, smiling at his words. “You know this is the most I’ve heard you talk since we met?”

“Aside from my usual stammering and corny jokes?”

“I like your jokes, and I like the way you summed that up just to make me feel better.”

“I mean every word, Torii.”

She whispered a thanks, both teenagers looking up as the room door opened beside them. Out traipsed three women who looked to be a few years older than them. They laughed, tugging at various parts of their clothing as they made their way down the long corridor. Torri and Raymond looked at one another, shaking their heads as they heard his groupmates sounding off from inside the room as the door slowly closed.

“Well, guess I better let you get on your way.”

Raymond shook his head. “I don’t think I even want to go in there yet. Any idea where Marliss is?”

“You know good and well he’s somewhere running behind my sister.”

“Yeah, I figured.” Looking down at his watch, Raymond noticed they still had some time before their imposed curfew. “If you weren’t doing anything else, would you like to maybe grab a bite to eat?”

“I have a terrible headache, but I won’t turn down free food.”

He smirked, gathering his things as they both stood. “Dinner on me then.” Torii agreed, suddenly finding herself rushing to change so they could be on their way.

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