May’s Drama by Cortney Joseph

Another snippet from one of my many incomplete stories. 😉, part of a story that includes Home Again.


Hearing a knock at the front door, May groaned before hurrying to answer. Almost immediately, she regretted her choice. She grew angry with herself when her attempt to slam the door failed. On the other side, her ex-husband stood, using his arm to keep the door between them open. 

If looks could have killed, Louis would have dropped dead on the spot. May’s eyes shot fierce daggers, cutting into his soul. “You’ve got some damn nerve.”

“I didn’t come here to argue.”

“Get off my mama’s property.”

Louis ignored May’s request, attempting to step forward into the house. She figured that the heat had to be messing with his head, there was no real way he could have been stupid enough to feel he was still welcomed anywhere around her family’s home. “We need to talk.”

She eyed him up and down with a glare that could have been etched, along with the hatred she felt for him, straight into his memory. A reminder to serve as the reason he shouldn’t return after today. “Go away.”

“I’m not going anywhere until we talk.” He stood tall, his confidence brooding as he straightened out the jacket of the double-breasted suit he wore. Navy blue, tailored to fit his athletic body perfectly. Towering over May, her fury did nothing to deter him, and that angered her more. 

“I don’t have shit to say to you, Louis! You did all your talking when you dragged me in that court and forced me to sign those papers so that you could run off with your whore. Go talk to that bitch!”

He chuckled, pulling papers from the inside of his jacket. “Don’t worry, I’ll be out of your hair soon enough. Now as it stands, we still own property together, and I don’t agree with the judge’s orders to sell them. Now you can keep the townhouse apartment. But I need and want the winter home in Vermont. Once Claire and I get married, we plan to move there with the kids. I also want the vacation property in Hawaii.”

His words cut like a knife as he went on with his demands, digging straight into what bit of a heart May thought she had left. Not only had he cheated for the entirety of their marriage; he’d fallen in love with the other woman, treated her the way he should have treated the wife he had at home. Began a family with that woman when May could not give him children. He’d humiliated her, dragged her through the public court of shame.

And, just to say she still had him, May had accepted it all. The roof and walls of her broken home came toppling over her head when he requested a divorce. She fought tooth and nail, and lost. No amount of money, no high priced property or cars, no agreements could have eased the pain or betrayal she felt. And here Louis stood, demanding more of her when he should have just continued walking away with the victory of using her, with what he’d stolen and pulled from her when she was so willing to give him the world. Her body, her love, her time, her life. If she had the power in her small frame, May would have jumped on Louis and strangled him right then and there. “Did you hear what I said? I need you to sign these papers, signing everything out of your name. After that, you’ll never have to hear from or see me again.”

May blinked away her tears, standing straight as she eyed him. Her vindictive nature shone through as he waited for her to take the pen he held in her face.  “I’m not signing shit. And if I get word that you and that  bitch are on any of my properties, I’ll have you arrested. Come back around this here house, I’ll shoot you with one of my daddy’s guns and then I’ll have you arrested for trespassing. Now you have a good day, Louis White.”

She pushed him back, slamming the door in his face before she locked it. As she headed to her room, tears spilled from her eyes. She just didn’t understand how this had become her life, confused as to what she’d done so wrong.

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