The Engaged &The Complicated by Cortney Joseph

The following is a brief excerpt from a collaborative novel I wrote with a former friend. For now, I’ll only share a section I wrote. Please bare with it, ’cause it was written around 2013/2014 so it’s definitely not up to my current self-standards as a writer. I owe many more posts since my latest unexpected hiatus, and they’re coming. Enjoy.


It was going on midnight, and the last thing Omega wanted to hear was Destiny’s mouth. Normally he could stare at her lips for a few minutes and tune her out, but today the yakking was entirely too much. His nerves were bad, he was starving, and she was going on and on about a non-existent side relationship. She knew damn well he’d never cheat on her, no matter how many times they broke-up.

Destiny was the love of Omega’s life, though he often found himself wishing that his love for her wasn’t so strong. There wasn’t a day that didn’t go by when she didn’t test his patience or throw some foolishness in his face. And he never understood why.

He’d tried for years to chalk it up to the fact that she was born and raised a spoiled brat. But she was grown now, and out of her father’s house; the only thing she had yet to do was fully mature.

“Desi, please. Can’t I even come home to a quiet house for once? You know I was out working. I’m trying to pull in as many hours as possible; trying to make sure my business is straight before we go on this trip. You know, the one you insist is going to make things better for us.”

“You doubt that it will?”

Kicking his shoes off, he nodded. “To be honest, yes, I do. It’s to the point in our relationship where I don’t even know why we bother getting back together.”

“Because you love me, Omega.”

“Yes, I do.”

“And I love you too.”

Destiny took a deep breath and got up from her side of the bed, knowing that she was wrong for coming at him in a crazy manner. Lately that seemed to be the only way that she could get his attention. “You sure don’t act like it. I’m up here busting my ass for us and I can’t even come home to peace, not a single thank you. Just bitching and complaining. I’m starting to feel like we’re never gonna get it together. And, I feel as if I’m being taken for granted. I’m telling you Destiny, I do and will do anything in this world for you but you don’t appreciate shit. Just gotta have something to complain about. I’m tired of it.”

Slowly sitting in his lap once he sat on their bed, Destiny began helping Omega out of his tie and shirt. “I’m sorry Baby. I just, I don’t know, I’ve been really insecure lately. You’re always gone and I miss you so much.” She looked into his blue eyes, knowing that as fine as he was, women checked him out and stepped to him daily.

Omega wasn’t just any random dude. He wasn’t a thug, stayed out of the streets, and he showed respect and love to everyone. He was a black man who worked hard; well-educated, independent, and he owned his own company. He was no pushover either, strong but gentle and kind towards those he cared about. And out of all of the women he could have had, he chose her.

Destiny knew she had a good man, but her own insecurities led her to foolish conclusions more often than she liked to admit to. Her jumping to conclusions before finding out the full story on any situation often led to their many breakups over the years.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Omega licked his lips and sighed as he looked into Destiny’s brown eyes. “I know I work a lot Destiny, but I’m just trying to make sure you and I are always straight. You know I’m trying to marry you, but I want to make sure that I can always provide for you and our family.”

“I know.”

“I gotta take care of you and my son, I’m doing all of this for y’all.” Destiny smiled before hugging Omega tightly, thanking him.

“I’m sorry O, I love you. Forgive me?”

She pouted her lips and Omega sighed, hating that she had him wrapped so tightly around her freshly manicured fingertip. He could never stay mad at Destiny, no matter what she did or how much drama she caused.

She was his fiancé, the mother of his only child, and he’d do anything to make sure they both got what they needed and deserved.

“Yeah Baby, I forgive you.”

Destiny smiled before kissing Omega and walking off to prepare herself for what was sure to be another late night between the two of them.

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