Time To Get Serious

I mean it this time, I’m publishing my official debut novel!

And I’ve got a game plan to go with it.

In 2012 I joined Wattpad and shared a few Urban novels here and there, stories and characters that I enjoyed for the moment but none that truly moved me to take the huge step of publishing.

Then, in 2014 I began to delve into the lives of four very special young women that changed my style of writing completely. While I’ve always been a nerd and into deep dives and researching for authenticity, these characters made me look into things I hadn’t even cared about because I wanted to be true to them.

Those characters were named Torii, Troy, Ava, and Leann. They took me through hell and highwater and unlike my other novels, Fly Girl and all that it encompassed with these four girls has held the tightest hold on me.

I mean, I’ve tossed HUNDREDS of novels and stories to the side but I always come back to Fly Girl and make the promise that it will be the one I publish. The one I use to break my fear and nervousness over publishing my novels.

I mean, I’m sitting on some money with many books but I feel I can’t publish any other than THIS one book.

It’s been eight years, and Fly Girl said they ain’t going nowhere.

While I’ve put myself on a schedule, I won’t be announcing any release dates or parts of my plans and ideas for promotion just yet. Just wanted it to be known that your girl is getting it together slowly, and in year 31, I’m gonna take myself and my talent more seriously. Because I deserve it.

Happy writing and happy reading! I hope you all have a blessed week.


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