Movin’ On by Cortney Joseph

Cecelia walked back and forth between her closet, her drawers, and her bed where her three suitcases sat. All that ran through her mind as she attempted to pack every piece of clothing she owned, if she was making the right choice in trying to move on with her life.

At twenty-six, she’d spent the last five years of her life trying to build a future with someone she thought was the love of her life. Yeah, she loved him. Sometimes more than she loved herself. But at the same rate, she knew she deserved so much more than he was giving.

There’d been too many nights where she was left alone, too many sorry excuses or none at all. Too many lies, too many unanswered questions. She knew very well that love was not supposed to leave her hurting or wondering if it was right or wrong.

What she wanted was stability, security, passion, and respect. From Dejuan, her boyfriend, she wasn’t getting any of that. Only broken promises, and the shaky foundation of a crumbling relationship that others thought was flourishing.

She knew the absolute truth; and whether he confessed, or even if she never saw him again, she would be moving on with her sanity and peace of mind.

I’m just gonna leave before he gets home, leave him with this empty ‘home’, she thought as she threw the last of her tops in one of the suitcases.

She’d thought too soon. Dejuan walked in, confusion written all over his face as he saw taped up boxes, her suitcases and her half of the closet completely empty. If he took the time to check drawers, their bathroom, and other areas of the house, he’d find that any and everything she’d purchased for herself was missing as well.

Even the dog, the little Yorkshire Terrier he’d given her was gone and chilling at the new apartment she’d gotten herself weeks before.

“What is all of this Cecelia?”

She shrugged her shoulders, giving Dejuan the same tight lip he’d give any time she questioned his whereabouts.

“What you mean you don’t know? Come on, you gotta give me some type of answer ‘cause this walking out like there doesn’t need to be a discussion ain’t gon’ fly with me.”

“Really.” She laughed, closing the three suitcases. She walked past him, setting each one in the living room before she came to box the last of her shoes and perfumes.

“How about this. We have one final discussion. You answer my questions, and I’ll answer yours.”

“Nah Cecelia. Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving. Moving out, moving on with my life. See, the last few days of sitting home alone, I’ve had so much time to myself to sit and think about whether or not I’d made the right decision in finding and getting myself my own place. To be honest, I should have moved in with you in the first place.” She sighed. “I was head over heels in love with you, and there was nothing that you could do wrong to me. I ignored so many signs that were always in my face, and I always got so mad when you wouldn’t answer my questions. But that was dumb of me because I always knew the answers anyway.”

“W-what are you talking about? You’re not making any sense.”

“I’m making perfect sense. See, in this relationship, it has always been about you. What you want, comforting you, making sure you’re good, okay, and secure. I was ready to give up everything about myself just to keep you happy and I never got that in return. Honestly, you came in this relationship with the assumption that I would wait around, forever, for whatever you decided was right for us.”

“No.” He chuckled.

“Yes. What made you think that I would wait around in vain? You know that I want a true love, happiness and joy. I know that hard times come, but it shouldn’t be nothing but hard times. I want to get married, and it’s obvious that you don’t because you can’t even commit and stick to the girlfriend that’s been sitting here like a duck for five years. Boy, I’m moving on.”

She attempted to walk past him to get another box and he grabbed her wrist, stopping her. “Come on, don’t start this cheating stuff again.”

“Why not? We both know that this whole thing is over. It’s been over for over a year, and I’m not stupid. I know there’s someone else. I can see it all in your eyes. Your heart isn’t mine, is hers. If it were all about me, I wouldn’t have to call you every night, wondering when you’ll be coming home. I wouldn’t have people telling me that they’re spotting you out, shopping for rings with someone else.”

Dejuan’s jaw dropped. “I-I…”

“I know about it all. You know, it amazes me how I’ve always been there for you. Sickness, pain, major injuries. You called and I was there. But you couldn’t ever do that for me. You said that nothing between us would change, but I should have known that was a lie.”

He cleared his throat, attempting to justify his actions, without actually admitting to anything. “But you knew how I was when we met.”

“Yeah, I did know. But why’d you think that I would just sit around and wait, that I could keep accepting this. Even a fool in love has to learn when to let go.”

He sighed, clearing his throat. “You’re mad?”

“I was, at first. But then I realized that sometimes, things just aren’t meant to last. You’ve left me alone, and I’ve felt a little pain but it’s okay. I will be okay.”

“Can I at least know where you’re going?”

Cecelia smiled, pulling her shades down over her eyes as she bent down to grab two boxes. “You don’t need to know where I’m going. Just know I’ve moved on, happily. But um, you can help me with all of these boxes. Let that be the one good thing you do for me.”

And with that, she walked out of what had been their bedroom, feeling confident in herself and her decision.

Yes, she would be just fine.

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