Merry X-Mas, Baby. by Cortney Joseph

Kayla stared closely at the paper resting loosely between her fingertips, in complete disbelief. Tears welled within the ducts of her eyes, threatening to spill as an unconcerned gaze fell upon her. Her unstead hands trembled with each word she read.

What was this, and why had it crept into ruin what she intended to be the best season of her life.

Words seemed to fail, would not materialize in time for her to express the sudden pain and anguish that surged through her heart. “What the hell is this, Ty?”

“Just what it says Kayla. You’re an intelligent woman, I would hate to have to spell it out to you.” Tyava, whom Kayla had spent the past ten years of her life with, stepped forward. It seemed her words flowed with ease, as if she’d had adequate time to collect her thoughts and make all necessary plans to execute this moment.

It was then that Kayla began to recall the subtle differences around their home. Things she’d noticed but thought nothing of. Tyava had been coming home later and later, or not at all. She assumed to avoid the arguments that had begun to plague their marriage as of late. Little by little items that belonged to Tyava had gone missing, things she thought simply might need to be replaced. The space in her closet, growing barren with each week that passed. Fewer and fewer words spoken between the two as the days passed, their outings together down to none. There had been no affection, no chemistry, no interest in keeping appearances.

Suddenly the joyfulness of the holiday tunes that surrounded them, an attempt to set a different mood, sickened Kayla. She felt her knees begin to weaken, felt herself falling off a cloud it seemed she’d been keeping herself on in hopes that this would never be her reality.

Kayla scoffed, angered. “And there was no other time you could have done this?” Truly, what time would have been good to suggest or announce one’s desire to divorce?

Tyava could only shrug her shoulders, failing to understand where these sudden feelings her wife displayed were being pulled from. All throughout the years they shared, not a single conversation about feelings, thoughts, emotions, or ideas could be expressed without Tyava’s being pushed aside or disregarded. She might not have played the traditionally feminine role within their relationship, but she had them too and she’d grown tired of being made to feel small or insignificant when she gave more than her ‘better’ half.

“So what am I supposed to do, just accept that you’re leaving me and look a fool?”

“Yeah. You know, looking the fool isn’t so bad, I’ve been doing it since we got together. I’ve thought about this long and hard Kayla, and while I will probably always love you, I just can’t do this anymore.”

“Marriage is a lifetime commitment, Ty. I gave and sacrificed everything to be with you! You can’t just leave me like this.”

The tear-filled words of supposed anguish that followed did nothing to stir Tyava, not like they would have months or even weeks before. “Merry Christmas Kayla, I wish you a very blessed new year and a happy life.”

Without another word, blocking out the sounds of her enraged wife, Tyava walked away without the hopes that she’d find peace and joy within the newest season of life alone.

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