Hello There…

Soooo …

I thought a new schedule meant that writing again would be easy for me, it would flow naturally because I have time now.

LOL, I was so wrong.

And no, I’m not counting myself out and I haven’t lost my excitement or belief in myself. It’s just that while the ideas present themself daily, getting them from my mind to the tips of my fingers to paper or word document has been a rollercoaster, to say the least.

I had such high hopes for myself for January, only to find myself so tired and my body still reacting as if I were still working a schedule I held for six years. It’s been a constant reminder to myself that years can’t be undone in a day (or even in two months post change).

With that thought, I’ve been allowing myself a lot more grace rather than getting angry at myself for not completing tasks, not writing, not reading and anything else I’m supposed to be doing to further my craft, site, and brand.

I gently remind myself that there is no time limit, my gift is here and mine forever, and I can only go UP from where I am now. It’s that kindness towards myself that’s been allowing me to push forward instead of shutting down like I would before.

Just thought I’d share that, and well wishes for you all who are still here with me. I hope February brings us all greatness! & see you soon with new playlists to write to, and new stories/poems by myself and fellow writers.

xoxo, Cortney!

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Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

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