There’s Progress…

I think we all put ourselves on some type of timeline/deadline to have things done. We set our minds on something and we all believe it’s going to happen exactly when we say.

For some people, things do work out just like that.

For me, not so much. And, as I’ve said before, I’m learning to be okay with things not happening my way or happening a lot slower than I anticipated.

As I get into a good flow that works for me now, I’ve been looking back at and picking up on different projects to see what recaptures my interest.

One of the things I’ve focused on again is what I dubbed my final poetry collection. I had begun it with the hopes of having it published at some point in 2020. Life happened, naturally, and I let that slip away from me.

I took a look at it again last night, added to it, and I can say with confidence that it’s back in the forefront of things I’d like to share at some point this year. In the past, I’ve published a total seven poetry collections. All of which were relatively short, four of which I’ve since removed from Amazon because I wanted to rework certain poems and include them in this final collection. I’m aiming to make this one my largest, twenty to forty poems total (as it stands in this early draft, I’ve got twenty-three) and I hope to publish it.

My goal for 2022, which I’m keeping very small, is to publish two or three big projects.

  1. Final Poetry Collection.
  2. First Short Story Collection (I have so many ideas for this, but not sure where I want to start)
  3. My debut novel (which I’m going back and forth between Fly Girl and something completely different).

Those are a few of the plans in my mind, and I think it helps me to write them out (and not just speak them and allow myself to forget about them).

All of this to say, there’s progress being made. Progress is slow, but it’s still good progress and I’m growing more excited every day for all of my ideas, plans, goals, and more.

I’ve also been discovering new talents and passions and I can’t wait to share those as well!

As always, thanks so much for sticking around with me and see you soon with something new!

xoxo, Cortney.

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