a little random.

There have been so many things on my heart and mind as of late.

So much that it’s starting to make a bit of sense as to why I’ve been feeling so stuck and stagnant.

I hold on to so much fear and doubt, while simultaneously holding on to this idea that I have to follow and live this dream for someone else and not just myself.

Initially, in December of 2019 I thought I could quit my dreams and talent that God gave me because my reason for following them and trying to succeed was gone.

That was it, who else was there to do it for, right?

Then I realized that in my grief and anguish, God was tapping me on my shoulder telling me I wasn’t done. Nowhere near that.

Okay, cool.

So if I’m not done, why is it and has it still been so difficult over two years later? What am I holding on to mentally that’s blocking me from giving my all and doing my best at this gift I’ve been given?

As of today, I still don’t know.

But right here, in this post, I release whatever it is.

I let it go, and I’m moving forward… for me.

Published by mypenwritesnice

Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

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