“Drink & F*ck” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote

I sit here, in tears as I stare into your eyes,

Thinking about our predicament.


Every other day I say I’m done,

But we drink and we fuck, and we’re back in love all over again.

You love it so I love it, and I accept it and I condone it.


It’s like He made you just to argue with me, and we break up temporarily just to come back together

And argue all over again.

You love me and then you hate me,

You think I’m beautiful and then you berate me.

Break me down as you build yourself up,

Giving the same old excuses day after day if I find the audacity to say find someone else to play


I walk away and you pull me back, I push away and you push me against the wall.

You kiss me and I taste the wine on your tongue…

We drink and we fuck then we’re in love all over again.


 All over again.


I say I can’t take this and your hands are all over me,

Touching the places you know grow weak…

I slap you so we fuss. You curse, I curse…

Every other line is fuck you, I’m through

But when I turn to walk away, you pull me into an embrace and stare into my eyes

Yours, pleading for forgiveness as your hands work their way into my panties…

And I’ve lost again.


That’s how we love is all you say, and I go along

I’ve got nothing to say.

I hate you, but I love you. Can’t stand you, but I need you.

So we drink and fuck … and I’m still in love with you.


 And all of your bullshit too.

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Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.

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