A Change

Something great has been happening.

Lately I’ve been going to church. I’ve ALWAYS had a relationship with God, have always believed and known God, but of course we’re supposed to have a home church or at least frequent a physical House of God. That had not been the case in many years. I believe other than a few visits sprinkled out, I hadn’t consistently been to an actual church since I was maybe 17 or 18.

You don’t always feel at home, or you don’t feel some of the teachings are for you directly. I also like to be preached TO and not preached AT if that makes sense. I also can’t enjoy the word when there’s excessive and unnecessary hollering (sorry).

Well, while I still don’t feel any specific church is or will be HOME just yet, I’ve been frequenting two amazing churches and so many wonderful things have been placed on my mind and heart.

I’ve been letting go of A LOT lately, and I feel proud to have taken that step (with a little nudge from a wonderful family member of mine).

I’d been so torn up inside and mentally about so many things and it just seemed as if I would never be okay. To my great joy, I’ve been okay as of late. And with so much off my shoulder, thanks to these visits and of course God never leaving me, I feel as if I’m finding myself again.

My strength to keep going (I felt I couldn’t after losing my brother). My passion for the talent I have (so much doubt took hold of my mind). And I’m having more moments of happiness (because depression was/is a HUGE battle).

A change is happening, and I’m excited.

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