Finding My Way Back.

I’ve been feeling a lot of things, and all at once. And truthfully, it’s been extremely overwhelming.

On my good days, I’m feeling calm and a little happy. Very light, nothing weighing down on me.

And then the bad days are everything I don’t want or need. Grief, stress, frustration, betrayal, among a lot of other things.

And as life keeps on rolling and throwing punches at me, I’m most often choosing to stay to myself or avoid talking out what I’m truly feeling. And in recent days, holding back what I truly feel to avoid disrespecting and hurting the feelings of others.

If you read the last post I shared before I temporarily took my site down, you’ll know I lost 10+ years worth of my writings, and in the last two or three weeks since I still have not found it. I’ve let it go. But I still haven’t found any drive or motivation to start over or try to work on new projects. (I am actively TRYING to write, there just isn’t anything coming from me trying.)

So, in all this time I’ve picked up two things. Painting (which I won’t be sharing because it’s just therapeutic, and it’s also not that great, lol). And I’ve begun going to the gym with one of my most favorite people in this world. Granted we missed a little over a week since we started, the times I’ve gone so far have been so helpful.

To my mental, to help regulate all that I’ve been feeling. Giving me a new perspective over my life, helping me to become active again (I can admit since I’ve begun working at home I’ve gotten VERY lazy, as I used to walk to work 5 to 6 days out the week for just over 4 years). It’s just been really relaxing and it’s helped me feel better about myself, more than anything else has as of late.

I was thinking, to fill in gaps when I’m not sharing my writing, I could share the workout playlists I’ve been making. (I’ve always shared playlists from time to time anyway), and just show what has been giving me a bit of my spark and energy back. Today’s work out, along with some other things, has even sparked up the ideas for my first new story since losing my old work. Who knows what can come from it all, right?

Anyway, here are my first three workout playlists. I hope you enjoy, I hope they inspire some great works or give you the energy boosts they gave me. And as always, thank you for sticking around with MPWN, and happy writing!

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