Robin’s Revenge [Intro] by Cortney Joseph

** For whatever reason, I’ve had the idea of a sequel for a novel I 1, never finished , and 2, LOST, stuck in my head for a few days. So, the following is just me playing around with a possible intro for how that sequel might have started. I doubt I’ll actually write it, because I’d have to rewrite and finish the original first book for it to make sense.

** Also, as you all may know, I’ve been struggling to get back into a good writing flow, soooo this definitely won’t be some of my best work.

Enjoy, and happy reading!!

Original Story (what’s left of it) ===> Sparrow


I sat at my father’s side, holding his hand as he stared off into space. No doubt looking for my mother, as he had for the last few years.

It’d been hard to see him this way, slowly fading. No longer the larger than life, pillar of strength he’d presented himself as in my youth. No longer the great hero I’d deemed him. Losing his mind day by day, constantly speaking on being haunted by ghosts he could no longer outrun. Rushing to tell the truths of things he’d hidden from me in my childhood.

Telling me stories of the beauty I’d grown to resemble greatly as I aged. Making sure I knew I’d been loved deeply. Constantly asking for my forgiveness, constantly apologizing for the pain he felt he’d caused.

And when he would take brief moments to look into my eyes, I would hold back my own tears while his fell freely. “You’re the only good thing I had left in this life, Baby Girl.”

“Daddy, pl-“

He freed his hand from mine, asking me to remain quiet. His already thin frame, frail and weakened by years grief, stress, and refusal to care for himself was a sight that I had never gotten used to. “Promise me you won’t live your life with fear, regrets, or hatred.”

“Daddy, I ca-“

“Promise me.” I nodded, though I knew of those three there was one I would not be able to let go of. Not yet. “You look so much like Antoinette. You’ve grown to be everything she hoped you’d be, and I know she’d be as proud of you as I am. I love you Robin, I hope you’ll always know that.”

“I love you Daddy, but stop talking like you’re trying to leave me.” I took his hand in mine again, and he gave the lightest squeeze. The room grew silent, I assumed he was sending his love to my mother in a prayer. The hoarseness of his voice would breakthrough right after. And then it began to dawn on me how much time had passed, how long it’d been since I felt his thin fingers moving or tapping at my hand. His signal for me to let go and let him be for a while.

I looked over, seeing no sign of the great Sparrow. Not the one that had been strong and mighty, and not the one that lay before me broken at the wings. I watched for his chest to rise, and it didn’t. I searched his eyes for life, there was nothing. “Daddy?” I stood, panic taking over. “Daddy, no. Come on, you still got so much life in you. You still have time.” A sound as sharp as the pain hitting my heart escaped my lips as I stood to my feet, looking to what he said was Heaven. “Nooo, Mama, don’t you take him. I’m not ready.”

Foolishly, I shook him for a moment, my tears rushing down my face, a few drops hitting his. “Daddy!” Grief crept in immediately. “What do I do now?”

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