Home For Christmas (Intro #1) by Cortney Joseph

The following is the first character intro for the rewrite of my holiday story, Let It Snow. You can read in full on Wattpad by clicking on the title link.

Happy holidays, and happy reading!


Savannah :

A chill hung in the air, snow falling in pretty flurries as Savannah Moore sat with her hands firmly gripping the steering wheel. She stared blankly at the front porch of her childhood home, silently trying to talk herself into turning around, talk herself into making the trip back towards the place she’d called home for the past seven years.

It’d been so long since she found herself within this space, and even longer since she felt any sense of belonging being in this space. She sat stuck, unsure of how she’d even allowed herself to be talked into the idea of spending her holiday surrounded by nosy elders, rude teenagers, overactive children, and anyone else her parents might think to invite. Their home always had an open-door policy, always the center of festivities that were supposed to be filled with joy, peace, and happiness. For Savannah, now, it only held the memories of pain and heartbreak. And as sure as she could have made one simple request, in return for her presence, she was certain her mother would disregard it. And in the end, she’d still be wrong for not showing up. “Mama’s right, I haven’t seen her and papa in so long. I can visit Hawaii next year. Going home is the better choice. Why did I lie to myself?”

A deep sigh escaped as she reminded herself to relax a little. And still, she could not bring herself to move any faster, any further than the driver’s seat. Mistletoe And Holly by Faith Evans played over the radio, stirring up a simple memory from her childhood.

It was just after her mother remarried, the first Christmas they celebrated as a blended family. She had to be about five, unwilling to join in on activities though her siblings insisted. Out of nowhere, Santa walked in. Laughing heartily, his belly bouncing as he shouted ho-ho-ho. And though his face, beneath a large white beard, looked familiar it had not registered in her young mind that it was her stepfather playing dress up to lift her spirits. He invited her to sit on his knee, allowed her to ask for anything she wanted. She only had a wish, and as a child only one thing seemed important.

It was Frank Sinatra who crooned Mistletoe And Holly then, and her mother and siblings that surrounded her. Their eyes filled with love, no doubt wishing for the same. And as that wish she wished came back, a smile etched itself across her face. “Yeah, coming home is the right choice. I hope.”

A knock at the driver’s window startled Savannah, causing her to jump before she looked to her left. Already doubling over in a fit of laughter as she rolled the window down, her eldest brother spoke. “You just gon’ sit in the car talking to yourself all evening?”

“Might bring more excitement than sitting around you, Dylan. At least it’ll be an intelligent conversation for once.”

“Oooo, so mean. It’s a shame you can’t even be nice for Christmas. You act like we’re the ones who did something to you.”

“I never said you did.” After rolling the window up, Savannah finally set her personal feelings and thoughts aside and exited her car. “And y’all never visit me either.”

“Would we be welcomed to do so?”

They stared at one another for a long while, both itching to say something else. Though, in Savannah’s case, she wasn’t sure if she should. It might lead to something else she’d regret later. Instead, she walked around to the trunk and began to grab her things. She declined her brother’s help, mumbling to herself as she pulled out two suitcases and a duffle bag.

Within a matter of seconds, they heard the shrill sound of a woman yelling. Looking up, she spotted her mother peering from the front door, buttoning her jacket before she made her way towards them. “My darlings! I’m so overjoyed, now all my babies are home!”

Dylan turned with an excited smile and opened arms while Savannah gave a forced grin. Closing the trunk, she trudged along with her things and prepared herself for the tight hugs and kisses her mother was sure to give. “This was the right choice, ‘Vannah, the right choice.” She would have to keep reminding herself of this and hope it would hold her through the next two weeks.

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