Creative Soul. Artist. Perfectionist. Virgo.


Finding inspiration in everything, from music to simple conversations, Cortney is a poet and novelist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Honing her skills since the age of ten, she’s already self-published seven poetry collection and hopes to publish and introduce at least two of her novels to the world.

Inspired by life’s ups and downs, and not one to be categorized or put into a box, Cortney often steps outside of one set genre, even going as far as to avoid any genre altogether; hoping that her works can be enjoyed, understood, and relatable to all who read.

Her works often provide a mix of comedy, drama, romance in Urban and Non-Urban settings.


Hoping to bring Characters of Color out of confined spaces, she aspires to create worlds where characters that look like her can be seen as more than what’s been stereotyped in life, literature, television, and other areas of entertainment.

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