“Before The Sunshine” Is Here!

After much procrastination and a short delay, I am proud to announce that volume ONE of two in my #Moods Series, Before The Sunshine, is now available for sale! Sold directly through Amazon.com with no third-party sellers, this short poetry collection is available for $7. As is all of my work, Before The Sunshine isContinue reading ““Before The Sunshine” Is Here!”

Release Dates.

Mini-Collection number 1 in my #Moods Series. To date, my moods have swung from high to low and back again in ways that I could only explain when putting my pen to paper. Tentatively, there will be four or five of these mini #Poetry collections, all to be released this year. Each expressing one setContinue reading “Release Dates.”

“Small Prayer” by Cortney Joseph

I sat up for hours, watching the sky convincing myself that I had no reason to cry didn’t need a goodbye feeding myself the lies, “I’m fine” I’m fine   When inside I’m dying searching for new ways to cope and get by new ways to brush these feelings aside to disguise the pain IContinue reading ““Small Prayer” by Cortney Joseph”

“Lonely Girl” by Cortney Joseph

So many things going through my head, I find myself wishing I could disappear instead of being left to deal with the problems of others toppling on my shoulders. Strangled, feeling smothered.   Nowhere to run, no one to turn to, left to cry lonely teardrops in a world turned misty blue.   Alone, afraid.Continue reading ““Lonely Girl” by Cortney Joseph”

“Fool For You ” by Cortney Joseph

It was all smoke and mirrors, the facade you showed.   That confidence and swagger that caused me to stagger, as my feelings began to grow and my common sense went out the door.   Still, I needed more, made myself believe you were indeed made for me, and all your lies were the truth.Continue reading ““Fool For You ” by Cortney Joseph”