More Work, Less Drama by Cortney Joseph

Olivia burst through the doors of the children’s clothing boutique she co-owned with her best friend Reagan. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she bounced around and waited for Reagan to answer. Reagan, who’d been in the back unpacking new items came rushing, afraid that someone was harming Olivia, and attempting to rob theirContinue reading “More Work, Less Drama by Cortney Joseph”

New Beginnings by Cortney Joseph

“I love you.” The cool air of the ceiling fan blew over them as June lay with her head and hand atop Montgomery’s chest. He smoked a cigarette, careful to blow the smoke away from her face as she reveled in the natural high his love gave. Their afternoon had been filled with intense passion,Continue reading “New Beginnings by Cortney Joseph”

Lonely Girl (Snippet from an Unfinished Project) by Cortney Joseph

Charmaine Hollands exhaled sharply, opened her eyes and looked towards the front seat where her parents sat comfortably in their bubble of wedded bliss. They were all smiles, excitedly chattering the hours away about their big plans for the summer. Jet-setting around the world without a care, no expenses spared. New adventures, fun to be had,Continue reading “Lonely Girl (Snippet from an Unfinished Project) by Cortney Joseph”

The Engaged &The Complicated by Cortney Joseph

The following is a brief excerpt from a collaborative novel I wrote with a former friend. For now, I’ll only share a section I wrote. Please bare with it, ’cause it was written around 2013/2014 so it’s definitely not up to my current self-standards as a writer. I owe many more posts since my latestContinue reading “The Engaged &The Complicated by Cortney Joseph”

May’s Drama by Cortney Joseph

Another snippet from one of my many incomplete stories. 😉, part of a story that includes Home Again. ____________ Hearing a knock at the front door, May groaned before hurrying to answer. Almost immediately, she regretted her choice. She grew angry with herself when her attempt to slam the door failed. On the other side,Continue reading “May’s Drama by Cortney Joseph”

Welcome “Home”, Addison by Cortney Joseph

The following is the second chapter of a novel I wrote titled “Web Of Lies”, a teen tale set in the late 90s/early 2000s that focused on the excitement and fun as well as the drama and dangers that came along with the BOOM of the internet when it truly exploded (as well as otherContinue reading “Welcome “Home”, Addison by Cortney Joseph”

He Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph

Guitar case in hand, Daniel Lawson stood straight, head lowered and eyes to the ground as his father circled him at a pace that seemed to drag like the time. It had been years since he felt the heat of his father’s eyes searing a hole into him. The silence bothered him most, left himContinue reading “He Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph”

She Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph

The following is the first character introduction chapter from my new Wattpad novel, If You Stay. You can read the story, as it is shared via my wattpad account. ______________________________ Standing in the middle of her childhood bedroom, Maliyah Williams could only stare in silence in all that changed and all that hadn’t in theContinue reading “She Has Returned (from If You Stay) by Cortney Joseph”

Then & Now by Cortney Joseph

Summer 1994. Stepping out of my limo, I removed my shades and took in my surroundings. Breathing in the air, smiling as older folks passed by and waving to those I grew up around. “Oh my God…” I turned my head, licking my lips as a group of women began to scream, running towards me.Continue reading “Then & Now by Cortney Joseph”