Daily Prompt #10

If you had a freeway billboard, what would it say? It would simply promote my website, of course. Some really dope way of showcasing MyPenWritesNice.com

6 Years?!

It’s our anniversary!!! It has been a wild ride, sometimes stressful but always fun. I have to say that my biggest fear when I began January 4th, 2017 was failure. Or at least never getting more than a handful of reads, or feeling that my craft isn’t well received/liked. I guess my biggest lesson overContinue reading “6 Years?!”

Consistency & Me (an on-going problem)

So, I didn’t finish the Christmas story I was hoping to finish for this holiday season. And I don’t really feel bad about it like I normally would. What I’ve noticed this go round is that, when it comes to me and being consistent, my consistency is often contingent on support (that I can see).Continue reading “Consistency & Me (an on-going problem)”