There’s Progress…

I think we all put ourselves on some type of timeline/deadline to have things done. We set our minds on something and we all believe it’s going to happen exactly when we say. For some people, things do work out just like that. For me, not so much. And, as I’ve said before, I’m learningContinue reading “There’s Progress…”


So, lately I’ve been toying with the idea of what I should do until I finally regain my personal time (it’s so close!) and focus on what is supposed to be my official debut novel. The idea was that I’d be completely done by now and I’d be releasing it on my brother’s birthday, asContinue reading “NEW SERIES INTRODUCTION”

Closing Out The Year With A Bang, or Attempting To.

So, we all know by now that I have a bit of trouble with consistency. Be it because of life and it’s obstacles, or just the fact that I sometimes lose sight of myself and my gifts; I am forever talking about how I want to refocus and pull it together. Though I haven’t fullyContinue reading “Closing Out The Year With A Bang, or Attempting To.”

Late Night Vulnerability

So, so much has been happening and it’s taken a bit of a toll on my creativity. Mainly working and overworking at my 9-5 has been taking up so much of my time but also, lately, there’s been this lingering feeling. I don’t know if it’s sadness, dread, stress, or what, but it’s been veryContinue reading “Late Night Vulnerability”

My Journey.

It’s approaching twenty-one years, and I can still remember the first person to tell me I had the gift of writing. Or, some semblance of that gift. I had just entered the seventh grade. I attended a school that included grades K-12 and there was the intense excitement of graduating middle school and crossing theContinue reading “My Journey.”

Let’s Get Connected.

So, while working on new things and trying to figure out new ways to promote myself and my work in 2021, I decided to dabble into areas I might not have considered before. And, while I’m sharing mine, I’d love to follow and connect with you as well so please share where I can findContinue reading “Let’s Get Connected.”

One Year In And It Feels Like…

… my whole world is still crumbling and falling around me. I could ramble off the titles of a million and one songs, and all will be applicable to what life for 365 days without my little brother has felt like. Each day is supposed to get better, easier; but truthfully, you’re just waking upContinue reading “One Year In And It Feels Like…”