NEW RELEASE | The Wistful Wild : Fairy Tale Poems of Longing & Ferocity

It’s here, it’s here! I am so glad and proud to be sharing this beautiful collaboration between myself, Stephanie Ascough, Caitlin Gemmell, Jess Lynn, Beth Stedman, & Stephanie Escobar. I must admit that this was such a huge step outside of my comfort zone, and I can’t thank Stephanie enough for 1, thinking of meContinue reading “NEW RELEASE | The Wistful Wild : Fairy Tale Poems of Longing & Ferocity”

Best of 2022!

So, I think I want to start a little tradition here on MPWN. Best stories/posts of the year. With this being one of my least productive years, I only have a small selection to choose from, but I still thought this might be a good idea. Below will be 5 of the top short storiesContinue reading “Best of 2022!”

Fierce and Longing: Fairy Tale Poetry — Author Stephanie Ascough

I’m pleased to announce a forthcoming book of fairy tale poetry, created by some amazing writing friends and me. Introducing: You get the cover art and title in one fell swoop. Lucky you! We have poems about familiar tales such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Prince, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. […]Continue reading “Fierce and Longing: Fairy Tale Poetry — Author Stephanie Ascough”

Writer’s Spotlight : You’re In Big Treble by Paris Daniels

Hi guys! For some time, I’d been speaking on hosting an artist spotlight or corner of sorts to promote some of my favorite reads, fellow writers who are both friends and supporters of me, family, other artists, etc. Well, that starts today and I am beyond excited for my first spotlight to focus on fellowContinue reading “Writer’s Spotlight : You’re In Big Treble by Paris Daniels”

Memory Lane by YoLana Crocket

It’d been a while since I’d step foot in this place. It’d held so many bad memories, brought to mind all the tears I’d cried the instant my soles touched the tile. Brought an aching to my heart that I could hardly explain to anyone once I’d manage to free myself of it’s hold. WithContinue reading “Memory Lane by YoLana Crocket”

A Place In The Sun (Intro) by YoLana Crocket

Harlow Cove may as well have been a ghost town. The insufferable heat drove it’s weary residents in from their fields and duties, in search of relief that would never come. Hot air breezed through open windows, sweat dripped and stuck like salty sap on the arms of housewives and mothers trying their best toContinue reading “A Place In The Sun (Intro) by YoLana Crocket”

Guess Who I Saw Today by YoLana Crocket

The table was set, dinner placed before her husband promptly at seven p.m. Routine undisturbed, though for once the atmosphere was one both would deem uncomfortable. He thought a bit of music would set the mood, ease the tension building. So, she placed Marlena Shaw on the Victrola he’d given as one of many ‘sorryContinue reading “Guess Who I Saw Today by YoLana Crocket”

#ShortStoryAugust Spotlight : @MO0N_CH1LD

Hey! So, if you have been reading the stories I’ve been posting these past few days, and you’ve been enjoying them; then have I got a treat for you all. A friend of mine has tapped into the challenge with a story of her own, and I am so excited to share! “Broken Pieces” beginsContinue reading “#ShortStoryAugust Spotlight : @MO0N_CH1LD”

Situations | Part 1 – Kodi | by Yo’Lana Crocket

Originally intended to be a full novel & collaboration between myself and my good friend Yo’Lana Crocket, the following features an intro & one full chapter she completed before we cancelled the project. The character of Kodi was created by Yo’Lana, while the character of Tyler (who you’ll meet in Part 2 of this) wasContinue reading “Situations | Part 1 – Kodi | by Yo’Lana Crocket”

A Toast To Love … & Heartbreak (by Cortney Joseph & Yo’Lana Crocket)

“… I mean, you said yourself that he has your number saved under another nigga’s name. If that doesn’t scream you’re the sidepiece, I don’t know what does.”