There’ll Be Bluebirds : Intro by Cortney Joseph

Intro (Sentimental Journey) : Pressed closely to the window, William Taylor tried his best to find some sort of comfort in the seat he’d taken as he stared aimlessly at miles of trees that seemed to blend together without interruption. He’d tuned out the sounds around him hours before, wondering when this part of hisContinue reading “There’ll Be Bluebirds : Intro by Cortney Joseph”

The Long Hot Summer [Snippet] by Cortney Joseph

Hey! dropping in to drop off a NEW short story! I titled this as a snippet because typically with my short stories I don’t feel a need to write more once I finish, but this one introduces a character that I feel needs her own full story. I’ve had the title The Long Hot SummerContinue reading “The Long Hot Summer [Snippet] by Cortney Joseph”

A Thousand Miles Away by Cortney Joseph

Carl finally got his chance to use the payphone, smiling and waving as one of his war buddies passed by. Quickly digging a dime from his pocket, he deposited it and dialed home, hoping to be patched through just as fast. It’d been months since he’d heard from the loves of his life, and itContinue reading “A Thousand Miles Away by Cortney Joseph”