Work In Progress, #1 (An Update)

So, I’ve finally reminded myself that I’ve been doing a little too much playing around. And by ‘playing around’, I mean not putting my talent to use. Doubting myself entirely too much. And just being plain old LAZY. I’ve been telling myself that I have to stop using these sad and depressed moods of mineContinue reading “Work In Progress, #1 (An Update)”

Who Am I? by Cortney Joseph

Joelle Richardson stood straight; her hands placed firmly at her hips as she eyed herself in the full-length mirror that adorned her closet door. The reflection staring back was one she disliked. An unfulfilled, fearful girl. Angered thoughts danced around in her head as she silently picked herself apart, wondering what she should change next.Continue reading “Who Am I? by Cortney Joseph”