6 Years?!

It’s our anniversary!!! It has been a wild ride, sometimes stressful but always fun. I have to say that my biggest fear when I began January 4th, 2017 was failure. Or at least never getting more than a handful of reads, or feeling that my craft isn’t well received/liked. I guess my biggest lesson overContinue reading “6 Years?!”

It’s Our Anniversary!

Do you know what today is?! That’s right, MyPenWritesNice is officially 5 years old today. FIVE! It’s so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I not only started something big, to me, but I have kept it going in spite of the many obstacles life has thrown my way. I’veContinue reading “It’s Our Anniversary!”

Let’s Celebrate!

Anniversaries come but once a year, and for MyPenWritesNice, a very special one has arrived. In the words of the legendary Tony Toni Tone, “do you know what today iiiiisssss?”   That’s right! Today marks the official third anniversary of MyPenWritesNice.com! The site began when Cortney decided it was time to set some of herContinue reading “Let’s Celebrate!”