Brokenhearted (pt. 2) by Cortney Joseph #BringItBYKE2021

The following is the second half of an intro that included (Brokenhearted) and was meant to be included in a full novel titled Forever, For Always, For Love by myself. It is the first official option in my BringItBYKE2021 ‘project’ that I announced in my previous post. Please enjoy, leave your thoughts, and Happy Reading!Continue reading “Brokenhearted (pt. 2) by Cortney Joseph #BringItBYKE2021”

“3 a.m. & Heartbreak” by Cortney Joseph

The thought of you leaves a taste in my mouth so bitter when I dare to speak your name. Yet, sweet memories of time passed leave my confused heart aching to see you come running at my call. I wish I could hate you with all the strength I’ve been gaining to be free ofContinue reading ““3 a.m. & Heartbreak” by Cortney Joseph”

As If We Never Met by Cortney Joseph #ShortStoryAugust

The world beneath my window was a motion filled blur, my emotions ran high and my sense had long been absent before I even got to this moment. My tears, fresh and warm, fell in heavy streams, hitting the floor just in front of my bare feet. Only the wall behind me was offering theContinue reading “As If We Never Met by Cortney Joseph #ShortStoryAugust”

Brokenhearted by Cortney Joseph

“Just ask the lonely; they know the hurt and pain of losing a love you can never regain.”     Onyx lay against tear stained pillows, stripped of all that made her. Heart, soul, pride, and self-worth; invested in a man hellbent on breaking her down to a shell of her former self. He hadContinue reading “Brokenhearted by Cortney Joseph”