There’s Progress…

I think we all put ourselves on some type of timeline/deadline to have things done. We set our minds on something and we all believe it’s going to happen exactly when we say. For some people, things do work out just like that. For me, not so much. And, as I’ve said before, I’m learningContinue reading “There’s Progress…”

My Journey.

It’s approaching twenty-one years, and I can still remember the first person to tell me I had the gift of writing. Or, some semblance of that gift. I had just entered the seventh grade. I attended a school that included grades K-12 and there was the intense excitement of graduating middle school and crossing theContinue reading “My Journey.”

Work In Progress, #1 (An Update)

So, I’ve finally reminded myself that I’ve been doing a little too much playing around. And by ‘playing around’, I mean not putting my talent to use. Doubting myself entirely too much. And just being plain old LAZY. I’ve been telling myself that I have to stop using these sad and depressed moods of mineContinue reading “Work In Progress, #1 (An Update)”


I’ve seen this strategy work for SO many but have always felt that my luck wasn’t set up that well. Well, I’ve been trying to remind myself that my extreme penchant for self-doubting and holding negative feelings and ideals (regarding my art/work) doesn’t exactly help me or my luck. After all; what’s meant for meContinue reading “SPEAKING IT INTO EXISTENCE.”

A Consistent Tale Of Inconsistency

Hey. Hello. Hi there.   Yes, I’m back, after another unexplained hiatus … with lots of ‘excuses’. While there have been so many hard and sad things happening in my life as of late (more so in the past month); I think I should only state that my mood towards writing has been a mixtureContinue reading “A Consistent Tale Of Inconsistency”