To Grandmother’s House She Goes by Cortney Joseph

Just a little something I started and never finished. 😀 ______ Olympia sat quietly, staring out the window of her parent’s station wagon as she and her younger brother were being driven to their grandparents. As they did every summer; she would be spending time with their grandmother, their mother’s mother. And her brother, Owen,Continue reading “To Grandmother’s House She Goes by Cortney Joseph”

Hello, Again… by Cortney Joseph

Treasure sat in the very last booth at the back of her favorite diner, sipping on an ice-cold Dr. Pepper as she waited for her fiancé. As usual, she sat watching others as they came in and out of the busy establishment, ordering their breakfast to go. Little kids at surrounding booths and tables wereContinue reading “Hello, Again… by Cortney Joseph”

6 Years?!

It’s our anniversary!!! It has been a wild ride, sometimes stressful but always fun. I have to say that my biggest fear when I began January 4th, 2017 was failure. Or at least never getting more than a handful of reads, or feeling that my craft isn’t well received/liked. I guess my biggest lesson overContinue reading “6 Years?!”

A Fresh Start by Cortney Joseph

A long and awkward silence filled the air as Leisel stared into the eyes of her niece. As if the moment weren’t already a difficult one, standing face to face with the girl was like staring at a ghost. Her sister’s, to be exact all the way down to a single mole on her leftContinue reading “A Fresh Start by Cortney Joseph”

Best of 2022!

So, I think I want to start a little tradition here on MPWN. Best stories/posts of the year. With this being one of my least productive years, I only have a small selection to choose from, but I still thought this might be a good idea. Below will be 5 of the top short storiesContinue reading “Best of 2022!”

Overlooked by Cortney Joseph

Closing her bedroom door, Etienne held her towel around her body as she quickly began looking through her closet for something to wear. It was the first day of school, too early in the morning, and all she wished she could do was lie in bed and sulk. The past summer hadn’t been the greatest,Continue reading “Overlooked by Cortney Joseph”

“Dream A Little Dream” by Cortney Joseph

I pranced around a field of flowers, touching a rainbow of petals gently with my fingertips as I searched for a way home. They soon become sparse bushes that lead to a trail of colossal willow trees. This place is unfamiliar, and I’m not sure how I’ve gotten here. Lost, yet a sense of peaceContinue reading ““Dream A Little Dream” by Cortney Joseph”

Consistency & Me (an on-going problem)

So, I didn’t finish the Christmas story I was hoping to finish for this holiday season. And I don’t really feel bad about it like I normally would. What I’ve noticed this go round is that, when it comes to me and being consistent, my consistency is often contingent on support (that I can see).Continue reading “Consistency & Me (an on-going problem)”