Dream A Little Dream by Cortney Joseph

My back against the Earth, I exhale all of my troubles and worries, and inhale the possibilities of peace and harmony. Closing my eyes, I count to five, and I feel myself drifting away.

The Big Day by Cortney Joseph

Isaiah took a deep breath, looking towards the aisle where the love of his life would be walking towards him. As nervous and scared as he’d always been to get married, he couldn’t wait to call Nina his wife. He’d known since they day he first met her that they’d get to this moment, and now that it had come, he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together, to continue growing together.

I’m Goin’ Down by Cortney Joseph

I took a deep breath, resting my head against my window as I watched the rain fall. Way past midnight, pitch black in my bedroom, and the only sound to be heard are my sobs and deep sighs. I don’t know how I even got to this point, but the tears don’t stop. I couldn’tContinue reading “I’m Goin’ Down by Cortney Joseph”

What You Gonna Do With Me, Baby? (by Cortney Joseph)

I mean, one moment I’m you’re king and the next you’re casting me aside like some jester. One minute you’re thrilled and delighted to say that yes, I am yours. And the next, you’ve disowned me. Walking around as if you’ve never even known me. Telling people you’ve never even loved me.

My Bed of Thorns (by Cortney Joseph)

Reaping what I’d sown, I silently watched as my husband walked in and out of the home we once shared, making numerous trips as he packed and boxed up his belongs, carrying them out to his car. Leaving me and our life behind for good.

A Little Melody [Part 3] (by Cortney Joseph)

I’d just walked backstage after talking with the hosts of 106 & Park after debuting my video for my 2nd single, All Of Me. It was a track I’d co-written with Shayne and so far it’d proven to be a huge fan favorite. Any time I went to a club, alone or with someone else,Continue reading “A Little Melody [Part 3] (by Cortney Joseph)”

A Little Melody [Part 2] (by Cortney Joseph)

I was standing in a corner, chewing my nails as I watched people’s reactions to the finished product. My first album, All Of Me. The cover was simply my face. While I had a buzz single out, and it’d received SO many positive reviews, no one had ever seen more than my face. No videos,Continue reading “A Little Melody [Part 2] (by Cortney Joseph)”

A Little Melody [Part 1] (by Cortney Joseph)

I was sitting in the comfort of my older brother’s studio, in one of the booths, listening to one of the latest beats he’d come up with. It was rough, but still gentle enough to be a great instrumental to a hot R&B song. At least that was I was thinking in my mind asContinue reading “A Little Melody [Part 1] (by Cortney Joseph)”

Stranger In My House (by Cortney Joseph)

In a tattered t-shirt and ripped up jeans, cigarette dangling between my fingers as tears and running mascara stained my cheeks, I took one long drag and blew smoke. I blinked for the first time in what seemed like hours when my bedroom door creaked open and he attempted to tip-toe in. See, I’m sittingContinue reading “Stranger In My House (by Cortney Joseph)”