NEW RELEASE | The Wistful Wild : Fairy Tale Poems of Longing & Ferocity

It’s here, it’s here! I am so glad and proud to be sharing this beautiful collaboration between myself, Stephanie Ascough, Caitlin Gemmell, Jess Lynn, Beth Stedman, & Stephanie Escobar. I must admit that this was such a huge step outside of my comfort zone, and I can’t thank Stephanie enough for 1, thinking of meContinue reading “NEW RELEASE | The Wistful Wild : Fairy Tale Poems of Longing & Ferocity”

“Dream A Little Dream” by Cortney Joseph

I pranced around a field of flowers, touching a rainbow of petals gently with my fingertips as I searched for a way home. They soon become sparse bushes that lead to a trail of colossal willow trees. This place is unfamiliar, and I’m not sure how I’ve gotten here. Lost, yet a sense of peaceContinue reading ““Dream A Little Dream” by Cortney Joseph”

Fierce and Longing: Fairy Tale Poetry — Author Stephanie Ascough

I’m pleased to announce a forthcoming book of fairy tale poetry, created by some amazing writing friends and me. Introducing: You get the cover art and title in one fell swoop. Lucky you! We have poems about familiar tales such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Frog Prince, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. […]Continue reading “Fierce and Longing: Fairy Tale Poetry — Author Stephanie Ascough”

“Pretty Brown” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote

As a little girl, I would sit and wonder why I couldn’t be … better Lighter skin, straighter hair. Pretty in the eyes of an ugly society In my eyes … The kinks of my hair and the tone of my skin were hindering And praise of the “Pretty Red” only showed that my brownContinue reading ““Pretty Brown” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote”

“Whispers Through Heaven” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote

Mind if I sit here for just a moment? I wanna … talk to you, for just a while. I know it’s been a while, I know I never visit. I just…. I find it so hard to accept, understand. I can’t comprehend why we have to talk this way. Why I have to sendContinue reading ““Whispers Through Heaven” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote”

“Hope Someday” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote

It often feels as though your back is to the wall There’s no one to help, no one who cares to TRY and understand “Why can’t you control him?” “If it was my child, she’d be dealt with appropriately”… Please, tell me what’s appropriate enough for a child who lacks understanding, Not by choice, it’sContinue reading ““Hope Someday” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote”

“Losing Me” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote

Ever felt the walls caving in The whole world drops down on your shoulders… Stress takes over and your mind imagines everything that’s wrong. Nothing you do is right. And the closer you get to “perfection”… The more you lose your sanity. Ever felt the need to run The need to hide, escape the painContinue reading ““Losing Me” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote”

“Drink & F*ck” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote

I sit here, in tears as I stare into your eyes, Thinking about our predicament.   Every other day I say I’m done, But we drink and we fuck, and we’re back in love all over again. You love it so I love it, and I accept it and I condone it.   It’s likeContinue reading ““Drink & F*ck” by Cortney Joseph #YoungCortWrote”

“Untitled 3/26/22” by Cortney Joseph

In my dreams, I have searched far and wide, For the sight of you, Just once more, for a moment more. For the chance to talk, For the chance to hold you close, To express my gratitude, give thanks For the time I had, To be in your presence To have been loved by you.Continue reading ““Untitled 3/26/22” by Cortney Joseph”

“Again” by Cortney Joseph

It was all in the way you touched me, Cold, displeased with the surface each fingertip grazed. I tensed, thinking I’d prepared myself for what had become the usual, a tense prelude to the darkness that shone itself in your eyes as you pulled away, hand raised to the heavens, striking with force that knockedContinue reading ““Again” by Cortney Joseph”