To Grandmother’s House She Goes by Cortney Joseph

Just a little something I started and never finished. 😀 ______ Olympia sat quietly, staring out the window of her parent’s station wagon as she and her younger brother were being driven to their grandparents. As they did every summer; she would be spending time with their grandmother, their mother’s mother. And her brother, Owen,Continue reading “To Grandmother’s House She Goes by Cortney Joseph”

Hello, Again… by Cortney Joseph

Treasure sat in the very last booth at the back of her favorite diner, sipping on an ice-cold Dr. Pepper as she waited for her fiancĂ©. As usual, she sat watching others as they came in and out of the busy establishment, ordering their breakfast to go. Little kids at surrounding booths and tables wereContinue reading “Hello, Again… by Cortney Joseph”

A Fresh Start by Cortney Joseph

A long and awkward silence filled the air as Leisel stared into the eyes of her niece. As if the moment weren’t already a difficult one, standing face to face with the girl was like staring at a ghost. Her sister’s, to be exact all the way down to a single mole on her leftContinue reading “A Fresh Start by Cortney Joseph”

Overlooked by Cortney Joseph

Closing her bedroom door, Etienne held her towel around her body as she quickly began looking through her closet for something to wear. It was the first day of school, too early in the morning, and all she wished she could do was lie in bed and sulk. The past summer hadn’t been the greatest,Continue reading “Overlooked by Cortney Joseph”

Home For Christmas (Intro #1) by Cortney Joseph

The following is the first character intro for the rewrite of my holiday story, Let It Snow. You can read in full on Wattpad by clicking on the title link. Happy holidays, and happy reading! ______________________ Savannah : A chill hung in the air, snow falling in pretty flurries as Savannah Moore sat with herContinue reading “Home For Christmas (Intro #1) by Cortney Joseph”

Robin’s Revenge [Intro] by Cortney Joseph

** For whatever reason, I’ve had the idea of a sequel for a novel I 1, never finished , and 2, LOST, stuck in my head for a few days. So, the following is just me playing around with a possible intro for how that sequel might have started. I doubt I’ll actually write it,Continue reading “Robin’s Revenge [Intro] by Cortney Joseph”

Looks Aren’t Everything by Cortney Joseph

Smiling as her husband wrapped his arm around her waist, carefully pulling her closer as he introduced her to his coworkers for the first time, Miki reveled in the welcomed closeness she’d desired so much lately. “Timothy, Allen; I’d love for you both to meet my beautiful wife, Miki. Darling, these are the gentleman I’mContinue reading “Looks Aren’t Everything by Cortney Joseph”

I Don’t Want To Do Wrong by Cortney Joseph

There was an uneasy silence that filled the dimly lit living room, tension as thick as the smoke that trailed from lips of a man that should have been reveling in the joys of returning home. Turmoil and distress should have been a distant thought, left behind in the barren and burned fields of aContinue reading “I Don’t Want To Do Wrong by Cortney Joseph”

There’ll Be Bluebirds : Intro by Cortney Joseph

Intro (Sentimental Journey) : Pressed closely to the window, William Taylor tried his best to find some sort of comfort in the seat he’d taken as he stared aimlessly at miles of trees that seemed to blend together without interruption. He’d tuned out the sounds around him hours before, wondering when this part of hisContinue reading “There’ll Be Bluebirds : Intro by Cortney Joseph”

The Long Hot Summer [Snippet] by Cortney Joseph

Hey! dropping in to drop off a NEW short story! I titled this as a snippet because typically with my short stories I don’t feel a need to write more once I finish, but this one introduces a character that I feel needs her own full story. I’ve had the title The Long Hot SummerContinue reading “The Long Hot Summer [Snippet] by Cortney Joseph”